Panasonic CC-Link communication is possible through the connection to SC-GU2-C. By having the configurations saved as "Configuration file" before equipment shipment, later on when it comes to exchanging the sensors, the configurations can be simply written in through CC-Link. When connecting with digital fiber sensors FX-301/305 or digital pressure sensors DPS-401/402, batch data communication can be carried out. The connections and man-hours for the relay terminal setup can be reduced and valuable space is saved. Also, LS-400 series sensors can be connected side-byside, up to 16 units, with a connector type of FX-500 series, FX-300 series digital fiber sensors and DPS-400 series digital pressure sensors. When sensing at close range or when the target objects are transparent or minute, adjust the sensor receiving sensitivity to one of 3 levels (U-LG mode: 4 levels) for the optimal setting. In addition, changing the receiving sensitivity will not effect the response time. The LS-401-C2 cable-type amplifier is equipped with an external input wire (5-core). It is ideal to use the laser sensor at places where external teaching or laser light emission halting is to be carried out, or at places where the laser sensor is to be used separately.