Thanks to a redesign of its circuitry, power consumption of the low-power-consumption Panasonic DP-100 series during normal operation has been reduced by 14%. The display is shut off entirely during ECO / FULL mode operation for power savings of up to 50% compared to normal operation, and display brightness is lowered during ECO / STD mode operation for power savings of up to 30% compared to normal operation. Improvements to the digital display deliver a wide viewing angle along with increased clarity. The display pressure range and set pressure range have also been increased. Equipped with a 30 mm 1.181 in square compact-sized dual display. The current value and the threshold value can be checked at the same time, so the threshold value can be set and checked smoothly without switching to another screen mode. ON / OFF operations still continue while the threshold values are being set, so setting to the same sensitivity as dial control-type sensors is possible. Key lock function is equipped as well. The main display changes color in line with changes in the status of output ON / OFF operation, and it also changes color while setting is in progress. The sensor status can therefore be understood easily, and operating errors can be reduced.