Panasonic DP-M pressure unit can be selected from "kPa" and "mmH2O" according to your requirement. Further, during measurement, the pressure unit can be recognized at a glance from the pressure unit indicator. The clogging of a filter can be reliably detected by the differential pressure, indicating the time for filter replacement. Three bright red 7-segment LEDs, 12 mm 0.472 in high, are incorporated in the compact body. They can be clearly read not only in a dark place, but also, in a welllit place. Further, initialization or pressure settings can be easily done with key operation while looking at the display. Panasonic DP-M2A is incorporated also with the analog current output (4 to 20 mA). Hence, it is ideally suited for real time monitoring and multi-point control in combination with an analog controller (ultra-compact digital panel controller CA2 series).