Because the bolts can be turned from directly above, embedding Panasonic DPH-100 / DPC-100 sensor heads into narrow spaces is possible. In addition, the flat installation leaves no worries for danger of objects striking against the sensor and damaging it. Obstructions can be avoided and installation from above can be done much more easily using a hexagonal wrench. This also eliminates wasted installation space and contributes to a smaller installation footprint. During maintenance, the sensor head needed to be removed can be easily removed from directly above. Because the dead zone caused by the nut is eliminated, the narrowed-down thickness after installation contributes to space saving. After installation, you can alter the cable direction with the pressure port still secured in place. In addition, the cable does not get twisted during installation. The analog voltage output from the sensor head can be picked up directly. The setting levels are clearly separated into "RUN mode" for operation settings that are carried out daily, "MENU SETTING mode" for basic settings, and "PRO mode" for special and detailed setting. These make setting operations easy to understand and easy to carry out.