Panasonic DPC-L100 / DPH-L100 sensor head generates analog voltage output, allowing it to be used in a standalone configuration. "Current value" and "Threshold value" can be checked at the same time. The threshold value can be changed in RUN mode directly. The main display changes color in line with changes in the status of output ON / OFF operation, and it also changes color while setting is in progress. The sensor status can therefore be understood easily, and operating errors can be reduced. The setting levels are clearly separated into "RUN mode" for operation settings that are carried out daily, "MENU SETTING mode" for basic settings, and "PRO mode" for special and detailed setting. These make setting operations easy to understand and easy to carry out. Equipped with two independent comparative outputs, and separate sensing modes can be selected for each of them. Since there are two comparative outputs, one of the comparative outputs can even be used for alarm output. In addition, if an output is not being used, it can be disabled. If the reference pressure of the device changes, the autoreference function partially shift the comparative output judgment level by the amount that the reference pressure shifts, and the remote zero-adjustment function can reset the display value to zero via external input. These functions are ideal for places where the reference pressure fluctuates wildly, or where fine settings are desired.