Panasonic DPS-400 series accommodates to the requirements for pressure sensors at production site such as miniaturization of sensors for downsizing equipment, convenient shape to fit into machines, and reduction of man-hours when it comes to replacement. Thin body (t10 mm t0.394 in) and multi-unit connection on a DIN rail helps to downsize equipment for better construction. The controller is equipped with a 4-digit dual digital display. Because the threshold value can be adjusted while checking the "current value (current pressure value)", direct setting and checking of the "threshold value" is made smoothly without having to switch screen modes. The quick-connection cables enable reductions in wiring. The connections and man-hours for the relay terminal block setup can be reduced and valuable space is saved. Also, DPS-400 series can be connected side-by-side with fiber sensors FX-300 series or laser sensors LS-400 series. Connection to CC-Link open network is possible through the communication unit for CC-Link SC-GU2-C. Monitoring or setting changes can be carried out via a PLC, PC, etc.