As Panasonic GX-U/GX-FU/GX-N cylindrical inductive proximity sensor can be securely tightened, it does not get loose due to vibration or shock. GX-12MLU(B)/N12ML(B) feature 1.6 times longer sensing range than previous model [GX-12ML(B)]. It can be mounted at a sufficient distance from the object. As the enclosure is entirely coated by fluorine resin, the sensor can be safely used at a place where welding spatters fly around. Both the pigtail cable and the mating cable are also spatter-resistant. The normally open type [GX-(F)*U(-J)] is equipped with a 2-color indicator. (The normally closed type and GX-N* have the operation indicator instead.) The operation is easily observable from any direction because the entire sensor tail (transparent, GX-5SU(B): enclosure) lights up. GX-5SU(B) is just 5.4 mm 0.213 in in diameter, the smallest in existing DC two-wire sensors. It saves space. The wiring cost of the DC 2-wire type is 2/3 that of a conventional model. Further, each of GX-12M(L)U(B), GX-18M(L)U(B), GX-30M(L)U(B) is available as a pigtailed model that makes replacement easy and quick.