Panasonic communication unit for CC-Link IE Field / CC-Link connect fiber sensors and displacement sensors to CC-Link IE Field for high-speed control. Each SC-GU3 series unit can be connected with up to 16 sensors. Up to 12 units when the system is configured with FX-500 series / LS-501 unit. Setting of sensor threshold values and operation / confirmation of current values can be performed on the network. This eliminates the need to directly operating individual sensor units. The ON/OFF data of sensors can be centrally managed on the network. Should an abnormality occur, the problem cause can be easily identified and located. SC-E1 1-channel connector input extension unit or SC-E81 / SC-E82 8-channel connector input extension unit is also required. Use of the communication unit enables the connection of various Panasonic Industrial Device SUNX sensors to a CC-Link network for the real-time acquisition of digital data and ON/OFF data. This allows you to change sensor settings via the network and also log data for preventive maintenance purposes.