The flexible wire-saving system Panasonic S-LINK V can be connected to various foreign or domestic PLC. Also available are a computer control board and a bus direct connection controller and controllers supporting open network and serial communications. Any upper-level network connection is possible without specifying it. The S-LINK V system can be connected to any maker's PLC. It can even be connected to PC expansion slots (ISA bus, PCI bus), VME bus, open networks (CC-Link, DeviceNet), etc. Because it is compatible to any controller and network, the S-LINK V can be introduced to variegated systems as they are already setup. Also, even when the control configuration has been changed (PLC to PC, etc.), conformance can be achieved only by changing the controllers. In this way, the S-LINK V is a system that allows you to utilize to the fullest your worksite's layout investment accumulated until now. Even if changing your present system for the S-LINK V, its features, including a reduced amount of cables, compact units, and 'T'- branching, make the addition of I/O devices as well as layout modifications simple and easy. Only by switching the controller's communication mode, you can change the entire system. Purchasing each unit that conforms to specifications or changing the layout itself is absolutely unnecessary.