Panasonic SC-GU3 Series is easy to install and enables flexible remote operation over a network. The continuously shortened life cycle of equipment has highlighted the importance of reduced costs during manufacturing and initial installation. Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX offers a line of devices, the SC-GU3 series communication units for open network, that maximize the capabilities of open networks, streamline regular maintenance and preventive maintenance, and reduce wiring and installation work. We offer solutions that minimize costs during the life cycle of equipment. It is useful to keep track of the sensor configurations at equipment start-up so that failures can be quickly identified and the user alerted. Since the sensor settings can be checked over the network, it is possible to minimize the man-hours spent by field workers to resolve failures of equipment or line. By saving the default settings as "Configuration file" when equipment was shipped out, sensor replacement can be smoothly performed by downloading via an open network. Replacement work is also easy, for sensor is equipped with connector that require no tools. Observe digital data such as incident light intensity or pressure value of sensors and graph them for preventive maintenance.