Static electricity is not visible, so measurement of surface potentials, while the production line is running, using Panasonic EF-S1 series provides a new way to assess its levels accurately so that it can be constantly managed. Managing static electricity is commonly a difficult task in workplaces where high-density, high-precision electrical equipment is being assembled. The controller is equipped with a red and a green display. Current values and threshold values can be viewed at a glance. A large number of functions for a variety of applications are available, including 0-adjust, hysteresis setting, window comparator output, and +potential / -potential peak hold (external timing input) measurement. High-precision design with a repeatability precision of ±0.3 % F.S. Even very slight differences in potential will not be skipped over. The sensor head only weighs 90 g. Installation can be carried out easily using just a bracket so that it is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications. In addition, power consumption is low so the devices can be utilized without concerns for high running costs.