Panasonic ER-X series offers an airless charge removal capability to eliminate the need for compressed air in addition to low pressure and high speed compressed air based modes. Furthermore, it supports dual-head configurations for expanded application coverage. By applying a compressed air source, the ion volume increases providing an improved tact time for substrate ionization. This makes the ER-X suitable for applications such as electronic paper and thin film solar cells, where charge removal time is directly linked to productivity. The ER-X series can effectively remove surface charges with an air pressure of less than 0.05 MPa. With the advantage of minimal dust dispersion, it is suitable for charge removal in semiconductor, FPD (mobile panel), and other applications that require high degree of cleanliness. The presence of air also helps prevent adhesion of dust to the discharge needles, requiring less cleaning than in the airless charge removal mode. The ER-X series has adopted the pulse AC method that alternately applies positive and negative voltages to each discharge needle. This enables generation and discharge of a large amount of ions, resulting in faster charge removal. Select from eight pulse frequencies according to your application, from 100 Hz for charge removal on nearby or moving workpieces to 1 Hz for charge removal on far-away workpieces or in a threedimensional space. The ER-X series provides an automatic ion balance control mechanism that senses the amount of ions being generated (which changes according to environmental factors) and compensate for this deviation in the controller, thus maintaining a highly stable ion balance as an original operator setting.