From industrial controllers and data acquisition products to PID controllers and I/O modules, Red Lion Controls provides an assortment of automation solutions for control and data collection in industrial applications.

Red Lion Data Acquisition Distributors
Data Acquisition

Red Lion provides high-performance and feature-rich products for applications requiring protocol conversion, including the Data Station Plus and the high-density Modular Controller to help optimize your integration time and costs.

Red Lion Industrial Controllers & RTUs Distributors
Industrial Controller/RTU

Red Lion Controls industrial control products range from rugged controllers and modules that feature IEC 61131 control capabilities to RTUs that are ideal for advanced automation environments. Red Lion controllers, modules and RTUs provide the control required for today’s toughest industrial applications regardless of location.

Red Lion I/O Modules Distributors
I/O Modules

Red Lion Controls Sixnet series E3 I/O™ and EtherTRAK-2 I/O modules provide a simple yet powerful monitoring and control system for remote sites.

Red Lion PID Controllers Distributors
PID Controllers

From single to multi-point control, Red Lion has the right PID controller for any application. Red Lion provides a wide range of proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers that are rugged, reliable and easy to deploy. Our PID controllers offer industry-leading features and reliable performance designed for the most demanding applications.