Red Lion Controls offers various converters to make transmitting serial signals long distances easier. Choose from simple serial converters to drag-and-drop configurable Ethernet gateways that work with our panel meters.

Red Lion N-Tron ESERV Converters Distributors
ESERV Converters

Red Lion's N-Tron® series ESERV industrial Ethernet to serial servers make communicating with serial devices easy. Connecting legacy serial equipment to an industrial Ethernet network allows for remote setup of devices, firmware upgrade and activity monitoring communications. Setup of the ESERV serial servers is intuitive with use of the Easy Configuration Manager software. The ESERV also provides Heartbeat connectivity to ensure serial devices remain on-line and in-communication. The ESERV Ethernet to serial server accommodates up to two serial connectors providing RS-232, RS-422, and/or RS-485 communication. The ESERV-11T comes with one DB9 connector, while the ESERV-12T provides two removable terminal blocks. The ESERV-M12T provides Modbus communication supporting up to 16 masters and 32 slave devices. Network connectivity is provided through one 10/100BaseT(X) Ethernet port or optional ST multimode fiber optic port. The ESERV group of products are designed for industrial environments and feature temperature ranges up to -34° to 80°C. Power is provided by 10 to 58 VDC and connected to a terminal block for secure connections.

Red Lion Sixnet ET Converters Distributors
ET Converters

Red Lion's Sixnet® series ET serial to Ethernet device servers are ideal for connecting your serial based equipment to an IP Ethernet network. These rugged and compact industrial serial to Ethernet converters are easy to use and can be deployed in a variety of harsh environment applications. The ET-GT device servers support Modbus communication and are ideal for use with RTUs and ASCII serial devices. Setup is easy using the supplied software for device installation and advanced configuration. The ET-GT is available with one serial port providing RS-232 (ET-GT-232-1) or RS-485 (ET-GT-485-1) communication. The ET-GT comes with one 10Base-T Ethernet connector, and one serial port. The RS-232 port is available with a DB9 connector while the RS-485 port is available with a screw terminal block. The ET is designed for industrial environments and feature a wide operating temperature range -30° to 70°C temperature range. Power input supports 10 to 30 VDC via barrel plug.

Red Lion ICM Converters Distributors
ICM Converters

Red Lion's ICM4/5 serial converters provide the capability of connecting equipment with RS-485 serial communications to equipment with RS-232 communications. The ICM4/5 features user-selectable full or half duplex operation for ease of deployment. This serial converter module converts physical media types, but does not convert data formats. The ICM5 can be configured for DTE or DCE operation, allowing the use of modem or null-modem cables. The ICM8 is designed as an Ethernet gateway offering conversion of multiple protocol conversion for Red Lion panel meters. With two serial ports (one RS-232 and one RS-485) and a 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet Port, the unit performs protocol conversion, allowing Red Lion panel meters to communicate seamlessly to the Ethernet network. The ICM4/5 each provide three LED lights for status that can be viewed from the front of the converter. The serial converter LEDs display power, as well as transmit and receive activity. Power is provided by 9 to 26 VDC via removable terminal block. The ICM5 also provides robust 3-way signal isolation, preventing undesirable interference. The unit is equipped with a universal mounting foot for attachment to standard DIN rail, including top hat profile rail according to EN50022 - 35 x 7.5 mm and 35 x 15 mm, and G profile DIN rail according to EN50035 - G32.

Red Lion N-Tron SER Converters Distributors
SER Converters

Red Lion's N-Tron® series SER industrial serial devices provide signal conversion, isolation, or rebroadcast functions. The SER-485-FXC provides RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 communications up to 3.5 km over a fiber optic network. The SER-485-IS provides RS-422 to RS-485 signal isolation and conversion, while the SER-485-IR is a serial signal repeater. The SER product line is designed for rugged industrial environments, and is UL listed for use in Class 1 Div. 2 environments. The SER-485-FXC industrial serial to fiber converters support two operating modes including direct point-to-point connectivity, and it is capable of operating in a multi-drop mode. This allows one serial device to communicate with up to 31 other devices around a fiber ring. The SER-485-IC provides signal isolation on both data ports and converts RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485. The SER-485-IR offers powerful optical isolation ensuring ground loops don’t interfere with sensitive signaling equipment.