Red Lion’s rugged N-Tron® and Sixnet® series industrial Ethernet switches are designed to meet diverse networking environments. Built-in redundancy coupled with robust reliability ensures critical infrastructures stay up and running around the clock.

Red Lion IP67 & OEM Boards Distributors
IP67 & OEM Boards

Red Lion offers a wide selection of IP67 and OEM embedded switches for the harshest environments. Available with unmanaged or Layer 2/3 management features, our Ethernet switches provide an incredibly robust solution for high vibration and mission critical deployments. Red Lion's industrial IP67 and MIL Ethernet switches are designed to operate flawlessly in harsh conditions and offer best-in-class performance and features.

Red Lion Managed Switches Distributors
Managed Switches

Red Lion offers a wide selection of managed industrial Ethernet switches. Managed Ethernet switches provide the ability to configure port settings, manage network performance and monitor your LAN for critical issues. Red Lion's managed industrial Ethernet switches are designed to operate flawlessly in harsh environments and offer best-in-class performance.

Red Lion Monitored Switches Distributors
Monitored Switches

Red Lion offers a wide selection of industrial Ethernet switches with monitoring features. These switches offer the simplicity of an unmanaged switch with advanced diagnostic capability. They are designed to perform in harsh environments and offer best-in-class performance with ease of deployment.

Red Lion Power over Ethernet Switches Distributors
Power over Ethernet

Red Lion Control’s wide range of industrial Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions are designed to transmit power and data over Ethernet, eliminating the need to run separate wire.

Red Lion Unmanaged Switches Distributors
Unmanaged Switches

Red Lion’s unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches offer simple plug-and-play functionality with reliable performance. Available in an endless range of port options, our rugged switches are set to tackle the demands of industrial data acquisition, control and Ethernet I/O applications.

Red Lion N-Tron Wi-Fi Radios Distributors
Wi-Fi Radios

Red Lion’s N-Tron® 702-W industrial Wi-Fi radios offer outstanding performance and extreme reliability under the harshest conditions. IEEE 802.11n support allows our Wi-Fi radios to utilize three antennas and Multiple-In, Multiple-Out (MIMO) technology for increased data throughput, while also providing 802.11a/b/g backwards compatibility. Our versatile 702-W Wi-Fi radios can be configured in a variety of ways. These include configuration as a mobile station, station wireless distribution system (WDS), access point or access point WDS. They can also operate as a transparent Layer 2 bridge or a Layer 3 router within the network. 702-W Wi-Fi radios are specifically designed to operate in industrial environments. With rugged enclosures and industrial specifications that include redundant power inputs, expanded shock tolerance, vibration, electrical noise and temperature fluctuations, our 702-W Wi-Fi radios easily meet and exceed the operating parameters of connected equipment in harsh environments. If deploying a Wi-Fi radio outdoors or in wet environments is a requirement, our 702M12-W offers an IP67 enclosure and M12 connectors.

Red Lion Sixnet Wired Routers Distributors

Red Lion’s Sixnet® series RAM® 6021 industrial wired routers offer secure and reliable communication to remotely deployed assets. The rugged RAM 6021 routers are ideal for connecting to Modbus or DNP3 devices such as SCADA servers, PLCs and other automation equipment located in harsh environments. RAM 6021 wired routers natively support Modbus and DNP3 protocols, and also include an I/O concentrator for local collection of sensor data. Available with five 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet ports and one RS-232 port, these industrial routers support AT commands and Serial-to-IP communications. Designed to deliver secure communications to remote locations, our RAM 6021 routers support robust security features such as VPN (client or server), Port Forwarding, Stateful Firewall, Packet Filtering, Data Encryption and an Access Control List (ACL). Each RAM 6021 router can be managed locally or remotely utilizing a web interface or command line interface (CLI). Local management is easily established using Ethernet, serial or USB. Remote management can be accessed via SNMP, HTTPS and SSH protocols.