SEW Eurodrive

SEW Eurodrive products stand for diversity, quality, reliability and the power of innovation. Performance characteristics that you will find throughout the entire project portfolio. And which we offer you as one of the leading manufacturers of drive technology in the world. Take our word for it: select your perfect drive solution from our modular system.
SEW Eurodrive Control Technology Distributors
Control Technology

Control technology should come from one source to ensure continuous performance for efficient automation. SEW Eurodrive combines optimally scalable controller hardware with easily programmable motion control software for you. Our continuous control program covers extensive motion functions: from single-axis positioning and the electronic cam to robotics.

SEW Eurodrive Decentralized Drives Distributors
Decentralized Drives

Do you rely on decentralized installation when planning your system? In that case, SEW Eurodrive wide range of decentralized technology offers exactly the right solutions for you. Be it a gearmotor with an integrated frequency inverter or a complete mechatronic system: you save energy and reduce costs with our decentralized drive solutions.

SEW Eurodrive Contactless Energy Transfer Distributors
Energy Transfer

SEW Eurodrive contactless energy transfer is the forward-thinking power supply for mobile conveyor applications in the industry. This technology facilitates automated processes especially in intralogistics.

SEW Eurodrive Gearmotors Distributors

SEW Eurodrive gearmotor modular system is oriented towards the diversity of your application areas. Choose your ideal drive from standard, electrified monorail, adjustable, servo, stainless steel or explosion-proof gearmotors.

SEW Eurodrive Gear Units Distributors
Gear Units

SEW Eurodrive gear units can be used flexibly - be it for a specific customer solution or a standard application. Select your gear unit from a wide assortment. The right size, power, gear ratio, the right torque as well as design and surface. Tailored to your application requirements and to your area of application.

SEW Eurodrive Industrial Communication Distributors
Industrial Communication

SEW Eurodrive inverters can also be flexibly integrated in your existing machine and system structures for communication. Regardless of whether you use standardized Industrial ETHERNET with communication profiles, conventional fieldbuses, SEW-EURODRIVE system buses or secure communication. We also provide you with fieldbus tools for diagnostics and inverter-specific communication components.

SEW Eurodrive Industrial Gear Units Distributors
Industrial Gear

Do you need extremely large torques for extremely large movements? SEW-EURODRIVE has the right drive technology ready for you. Our industrial gear units combine force, quality and durability. These compact powerhouses master your tasks without any problems even under difficult and rough conditions. This includes the conveying and processing of raw materials as well as the energy, timber, mineral industries and process manufacturing. Our industrial gear units meet all of your customer's technical requirements in each of these application areas.

SEW Eurodrive Inverter Technology Distributors
Inverter Technology

As one of the leading manufacturers of drive technology, SEW Eurodrive also offer the right inverter technology for our mechanical components. We develop and produce drive and frequency inverters for controlling drivelines in machines and systems. And we do this for central installations in the control cabinet or for wall mounting just as we do for decentralized installation.

SEW Eurodrive Motors Distributors

One of SEW Eurodrive's core businesses? Motors! As a globally operating manufacturer we offer you an extensive range of asynchronous and synchronous AC motors. Be it energy-efficient motors, hygienic or explosion protected variants, linear motors or electric cylinders, you are sure to find your motor solution. Brakes, built-in encoders, and further options complete our motor range.

SEW Eurodrive Safety Technology Distributors
Safety Technology

safetyDrive, SEW Eurodrive comprehensive safety concept, allows you to implement your machines "safely," in accordance with the currently valid guidelines. Avoiding workplace accidents and implementing system operation without failures is a key challenge of modern safety concepts.

SEW Eurodrive Servo Drive Technology Distributors
Servo Drive

Your requirements: Precision and dynamics. SEW Eurodrive goal: to provide the ideal solution for you, your system or your machine. This is why you can rely on our modular servo and automation modular system. Perfectly combined, powerful individual components become precise, dynamic drive solutions.