The high-performance motion and logic controller SEW Eurodrive MOVI-PLC® power is specially designed for centrally processed high-end motion control applications. It allows you to implement complex motion functions in a matter of milliseconds. A smooth, intuitive 3D machine visualization feature allows you to simulate complex processes and functions prior to startup. Operate, visualize, and monitor machines quickly and easily from any location. Our operator terminals make this process problem free. 2 generations of unit with variable touch displays, interfaces, and memory. Both programmed using our HMI-Builder software. It’s important to keep track of sophisticated drivelines with a large number of axes. The DOP11C series of panels offers high functionality for realistic, high-performance machine visualization. The more complex the system or machine and the more sophisticated the automation, the more system operators want sophisticated machine visualization. The ability to store the extensive data packages and parameter sets is also at the top of their wish lists. Particularly for applications with large numbers of axes and many different degrees of freedom, it’s important to keep track of the whole system and provide a clear overview. The more and more extensive functionality of systems and drive technology means that the requirements for operation, visualization and diagnostics are also increasing. Our standardized, modern operator panels of the DOP11C (drive operator panel) series are tailored for just these complex requirements with a high-resolution color display, fast processors and a large amount of RAM. With these features, you can always reliably run a realistic visualization in real time and from any location, and implement simple operation and diagnostics of your system. The range of touch screens extends from 4.3" to 15.4" with resolutions up to 1280 x 800 pixels. Durable monitors combined with the MOVI-PLC® power Windows-based control platform are available for particularly demanding visualization tasks.