Stainless Steel

SEW Eurodrive stainless steel gear units are built for use in areas and applications that involve frequent cleaning. They are resistant to acid and alkaline, and equipped with many other hygienic features. Their IEC and NEMA adapters, also made from stainless steel, allow for flexible motor mounting. These stainless steel gear units are ideal for applications in both the food and beverage industry, and other sectors. Thanks to the hygienic design and a surface that is resistant to acid and alkaline, SEW Eurodrive RES / KES series stainless steel gear units practically clean themselves. The two versions, helical and bevel gear, allow use in a wide variety of applications. Always a clean solution. Use our stainless steel gear units in areas that are cleaned frequently. You’ll save time on surface cleaning and have an efficiency-optimized gear unit in your application. The special housing design made of high-quality stainless steel is particularly easy to clean. The surface is acid resistant and alkaline resistant. There are hardly any indentations where dirt or fluids could collect, so the cleaning agents drain quickly and easily. Thanks to their hygienic properties, long service life and maintenance-friendly design, the gear units are ideally designed to satisfy production conditions in the food and beverage industry, in the pharmaceutical industry and in constantly wet environments.