Five SEW Eurodrive standard gear unit series to perform your drive tasks: one, two and three-stage helical gear units, series R: Output torque from 50 Nm - 18 000 Nm; two and three-stage parallel shaft helical gear units, series F: Output torque from 130 Nm - 18 000 Nm; two and three-stage helical-bevel gear units, series K: Output torque from 80 Nm - 50 000 Nm; two-stage helical-worm gear units, series S: Output torque from 92 Nm - 4,000 Nm; one and two-stage right-angle gear units, series W: Output torque from 25 Nm - 180 Nm. Other than a few exceptions, the standard gear units are also available as multi-stage gear units - just ask!