Choose your drive from SEW Eurodrive range of powerful yet compact servo gearmotors. Special servo gear units combined with synchronous or asynchronous servomotors deliver precision, dynamics and torque. We’re sure to have the right version for your motion control application.

SEW Eurodrive Brakes & Brake Control Distributors

On request, SEW Eurodrive will gladly deliver our motors and gearmotors with an integrated mechanical brake, which is available as single brake or double brake. The great number of available brake sizes and braking torques will certainly let you find the ideal brake for your specific requirements. SEW Eurodrive mechanical brake is a DC-operated electromagnetic disk brake that is released electrically and applied using spring force. The brake is applied when the voltage supply is interrupted. It meets the basic safety requirements. The brake can also be released mechanically if equipped with a manual brake release. The mechanical release is enabled by a hand lever that resets automatically or an adjustable set screw. The brake is controlled by a brake control that is installed in either the motor terminal box or the control cabinet. The variability in our modular brake design means that you can choose from up to 3 different brake sizes for installation on the motor required. Furthermore, the braking torque can also be varied by using different spring packages. The resulting multitude of braking torques also ensures the solution meets your requirements. You can also choose safety-rated brakes that comply with EN ISO 13849-1 from our module brake system, which are specifically tailored for requirements in the area of functional safety. They enhance a safe brake system enabling the implementation of the "safe brake actuation" and "safe brake hold" safety functions based on your required performance level. Our modular brake system also includes safety-rated brakes that can be used for horizontal operation up to PL d and vertical operation up to PL c in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1.

SEW Eurodrive Surface & Corrosion Protection Distributors
Corrosion Protection

By taking targeted preventive measures, you can use SEW Eurodrive drives in even the most extreme environmental conditions. A combination of interior treatment and surface protection provides optimal protection for motors and gear units. Be prepared. SEW Eurodrive gear units and motors can provide additional protection against typical corrosive agents in industrial environments, such as moisture, oils, dirt and chemicals, than what is provided as standard. Additional treatments and special materials allow these devices to be used even in extreme conditions. Use our drives in any atmosphere, from those with low moisture and contaminants to environments with regular wet cleaning using acidic and caustic agents. Our surface protection levels range from standard to levels OS1* to OS3*. With the ASEPTICplus® package, OS4* is set as standard. The XCO drive package is even going further. The innovative tin-nickel surface protection prevents coating from coming off and provides a stainless steel like appearance. This XCO surface protection is an essential feature of the XCO drive package. In addition, the XCO drive package includes among others stainless steel screws, IS connectors, and motors in IP69K degree of protection.

SEW Eurodrive Encoders Distributors

Whether built-in encoders or add-on encoders - with SEW Eurodrive systems, your motors will respond accurately to commands from the drive electronics. Speed control and positioning are not the only reasons why you should use our encoders. The optimum interaction between the individual system components is particularly important in applications with positioning tasks. Motors have to accurately respond to commands from the drive electronics. We can supply you with the necessary encoder systems. These systems detect the actual position and feed back the speed into the drive electronics. If you are using drives with absolute value information, this saves you time during initialization of the plant.

SEW Eurodrive Helical Servo Gearmotors Distributors

SEW Eurodrive modular system for helical servo gearmotors permits an endless range of variants. Configure each of your chosen drive solutions individually and based on the specific task. Save time and take advantage of the possibilities offered by the modular system for helical servo gearmotors of the R.. CMP.. series. As a result, you always get a drive which is optimally suited to your individual requirements. We also offer you a practical configuration tool. You will discover that our helical servo gearmotors are also an impressive option for your applications. This is particularly true for compact solutions with high demands in terms of precision. Particularly complex processes can be optimally implemented with the R..CMP.. helical servo gearmotors. This gives each of your systems a high degree of performance and efficiency. Rely on our wide range of accessories for helical servo gearmotors. It enables us to offer you more flexibility and scope in terms of planning and implementation. Our R..CMP.. helical servo gearmotors are always the perfect choice - particularly for lightweight system constructions. You save valuable installation space and can use installation options to the full. Powerful torques of 50 Nm up to 6000 Nm mean you have real power and precise dynamics.

SEW Eurodrive Helical Bevel Servo Gearmotors Distributors
Helical Bevel

SEW Eurodrive helical-bevel servo gearmotors of the BS.F..CMP.. series offer you consistent high performance for exact processes. Their accurate scalability, exact performance and high dynamics are impressive. Force and precision merge into a real unit with the powerful BS.F..CMP.. helical-bevel servo gearmotors. They offer you optimum assembly options and application possibilities thanks to their compact design. The rotational clearances remain constantly low throughout the entire service life of this servo drive due to the gearing's high-endurance design. The BS.F..CMP.. helical-bevel servo gearmotors are available in six different sizes. Take advantage of the large selection for a wide range of applications that require high torques and precise performance. The same applies for complex automation tasks when several processes are to be merged into an overarching process. By using our helical-bevel servo gearmotors you achieve a high degree of process safety, efficiency and profitability. The BS.F..CMP.. helical-bevel servo gearmotors are extremely robust and low-maintenance thanks to the high manufacturing quality and the tooth elements made with precision. This makes them even more powerful in combination with the precisely controllable CMP.. synchronous servomotors.

SEW Eurodrive Helical Bevel Servo Gearmotors Distributors
Servo Helical Bevel

A wide range of applications can be covered with this combination of servomotor and robust helical-bevel gear unit. Take advantage of the dynamics of SEW Eurodrive CMP.. motors and the power density of the helical-bevel gear unit. SEW Eurodrive K..CMP.. helical-bevel servo gearmotor merges the servo technology of the CMP.. synchronous servomotor series with the tried and tested helical-bevel gear units. The powerful and highly dynamic servomotors from the CMP.. modular motor system ensure precise power delivery. The tried and tested helical-bevel gear unit of the K series provides robust performance and durability. They also have a particularly high degree of efficiency. This is applied in both directions of torque and for each input speed. As a result, you can implement many applications with precision using the K..CMP.. helical-bevel servo gearmotors. Torques of 80 Nm to 8000 Nm can be implemented and systems can be operated with outstanding flexibility.

SEW Eurodrive Helical Worm Servo Gearmotors Distributors
Helical Worm

SEW Eurodrive helical-worm servo gearmotors are practical multi-function drives with design-related strengths: The consistent power delivery and precise dynamics of the S..CMP.. helical-worm servo gearmotors are impressive. This means they are also smooth running in operation. The S..CMP.. helical-worm servo gearmotors have a torque range of 92 Nm to 520 Nm. As angular drives they are especially space-saving and reduce the expenditure for valuable installation space. The helical-worm servo gearmotors are designed in such a way that they guarantee you a low-noise system environment. Moreover, these gearmotors offer you excellent attenuation properties for the operation of your systems with low levels of vibration. This is because of the longitudinal application of force on the input shaft. This allows torque impulses to be prevented effectively and for optimum results in terms of running smoothness and noise reduction to be achieved. Both the gear unit, and the synchronous servomotor are based on our modular system. This enables you to have fully individual configuration possibilities for each application. One thing is certain - Our servo gearmotors are real specialists for very specific requirements.

SEW Eurodrive Parallel Shaft Helical Servo Gearmotors Distributors
Parallel Shaft Helical

High level of performance and an especially compact design: SEW Eurodrive F..CMP.. parallel-shaft helical servo gearmotors. They are ideally suited to all of your applications that require precision, dynamics and optimum use of space. A lot of system architecture in materials handling and process engineering is reliant on especially compact drives. We offer you F..CMP.. parallel-shaft helical servo gearmotors for precisely these applications. The force, dynamics and high precision of this servo gearmotor with a space-saving design are impressive. At the same time, torques of 130 Nm to 7840 Nm can be implemented. Seven sizes from the CMP.. modular motor system are available to you for individually configurable CMP.. servomotors. The parallel-shaft helical gear unit of the F series is optimally designed for precise implementation of complex requirement profiles. The F..CMP.. parallel-shaft helical servo gearmotors ensure precise performance at all times, adapt perfectly to any system architecture and have a particularly high degree of efficiency.

SEW Eurodrive Planetary Servo Gearmotors Distributors

With SEW Eurodrive compact planetary servo gearmotors of the PS.F.. and PS.C..CMP.. series we offer you precision, optimum scalability and the right torques at all times. This allows complex production processes to be implemented. Rely on high power density, dynamics and precision right from the start when designing your systems. As the low backlash planetary servo gearmotors of the PS.F..CMP.. and PS.C.CMP.. series are characterized by tremendous efficiency and flexibility. The basis is formed by the compact combination of powerful planetary gear units and dynamic synchronous servomotors from the CMP.. series. Planetary servo gear units account for constantly low rotational clearances, high torsional rigidity and torque. The synchronous servomotors of the CMP.. series ensure precise control and high dynamics. This enables you, even with the highest cycle rate requirements, to optimally match different precision sequences to each other and achieve powerful performance. Thanks to their high degree of efficiency, their reliability and their durability, our planetary servo gearmotors offer you an economically sound solution from the modular system. With endless options and individual implementation possibilities: Always tailor-made, always perfectly and individually configured.

SEW Eurodrive Precision Servo Gearmotors Distributors

SEW Eurodrive precision servo gearmotors of the ZN.. series offer you a dynamic and highly flexible drive solution with overload capacity. Ideal for demanding applications such as gantry, rotary table or tie sheet inserter. Because these applications demand top performances in terms of torque, stiffness and precision. Extreme precision under high acceleration torques - those are the outstanding features of ZN.. series precision servo gearmotors. Their performance data makes them unique - whether you emphasize torque, stiffness or weight. The gearmotor is shipped with lubrication for life, ready for installation and available in twelve sizes. We especially emphasize the features of the precision servo gearmotor: It excels by mechanical clearance and its high torsional stiffness and pull-out rigidity as well as excellent overload capacity. This allows even demanding tasks such as exact positioning or fast movement of heavy loads to be performed with a high degree of repetitive accuracy.

SEW Eurodrive Right Angle Servo Gearmotors Distributors
Right Angle

Precision, dynamics and high speeds: SEW Eurodrive small and lightweight SPIROPLAN® right-angle servo gearmotors offer you a strong service profile - specifically for applications in the lower torque range. SEW Eurodrive SPIROPLAN® right-angle servo gearmotors are an impressive compact solution - small and with an especially low weight. They have been specifically designed to implement top speeds in your systems. In doing so, the lightweights with aluminum housing work precisely and in a highly dynamic manner. Rely on compact design, performance and a range of variants from a single source when planning and implementing your systems. To this end, configuration possibilities from 5 sizes for the SPIROPLAN® gear units and 7 different motor sizes of the CMP.. series are available to you. You can achieve even greater flexibility thanks to the low weight and the wide selection of drive variants. In this regard, the range for your applications includes the design with solid shaft and key as well as the version with hollow shaft and keyway. Both options are also available in the corresponding flange-mounted design. All this makes the SPIROPLAN® right-angle servo gearmotors W..CMP.. an all-rounder for you. Especially when solutions in the lower torque range up to 180 Nm are required.

SEW Eurodrive TorqLOC Hollow Shaft Mounting System Distributors

Optional for parallel-shaft helical, helical-bevel, helical-worm, or SPIROPLAN® right-angle gear units. SEW Eurodrive TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system is used to achieve a non-positive connection between the customer's shaft and the hollow shaft in the gear unit. Always the right connection between the customer shaft and our gear units. The design of the TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system makes for simple assembly and significantly improves removal of the drive even after lengthy periods of operation. We deliver the drive with the bushing matching the respective diameter. The customer installs the clamping ring on the customer shaft and the drive can be mounted and fixed easily. For more efficiency! The TorqLOC® mounting system makes it possible to use drawn, unprocessed material all the way to quality level h11 for the customer shaft. No additional machining of the customer shaft required! We have thought of everything, down to the last detail: We cater for different diameters of customer shaft and hollow shaft. Up to four different nominal diameters can be adapted with one gear unit size. Award-winning design! The non-positive connection is an alternative to the hollow shaft with shrink disk, with key, and with splined hollow shaft. It won the "Silver Award" of the "Plant Engineering" magazine in the category "Power Transmission".