Stainless Steel

High-quality stainless steel and a surface optimized for cleaning. SEW Eurodrive stainless steel gearmotors in both KES37 helical-bevel and RES37 helical designs are ideally suited for use in hygienic areas. Do you have particularly high demands in terms of hygiene and easy cleaning? We offer you the ideal drive solution for hygiene-sensitive areas requiring intensive cleaning. The KES37 and RES37 stainless steel gearmotors are constructed in such a way that their surfaces are particularly easy to clean. The housing is constructed entirely from high-quality stainless steel. The surface was designed to systematically prevent the occurrence of indentations and potential dirt traps, making it easy to clean. The fanless design also ensures exemplary hygiene as it prevents swirls of dust and dirt. The small and compact design of our KES37 and RES37 stainless steel gearmotors means they can be used for a variety of sensitive hygiene applications - for example, in the food and beverage industry or the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to their design, these gearmotors are low-maintenance and have a long service life. In addition to this, the high-quality stainless steel design protects them against corrosion and provides them with high-grade resistance to acid and alkaline. Due to their optimized efficiency, these gearmotors are also particularly cost-effective and can achieve torques of up to 200 Nm.