Industrial Communication

SEW Eurodrive inverters can also be flexibly integrated in your existing machine and system structures for communication. Regardless of whether you use standardized Industrial ETHERNET with communication profiles, conventional fieldbuses, SEW-EURODRIVE system buses or secure communication. We also provide you with fieldbus tools for diagnostics and inverter-specific communication components.

SEW Eurodrive Industrial Ethernet Distributors

Industrial ETHERNET - for inverter technology made by SEW-EURODRIVE of course: you can build on the speed and reliability of these fieldbuses in centralized as well as decentralized installation topologies. The high transmission rate of Industrial ETHERNET is just one reason for the widespread use of this medium. Industrial ETHERNET ensures vertical data communication to the control level with high bandwidth as well as horizontal process data communication between the controller and the application, e.g. with drive or frequency inverters. Industrial ETHERNET: the communications link between actuators, sensors and control technology. The protocols of Industrial Ethernet differ in terms of the application protocols and real time properties. Industrial Ethernet also enables you to use IT technologies that everybody knows such as email for notification in the event of an error and Internet Explorer for diagnostics of the components used. It is also indispensable for achieving quick and efficient startups and for ensuring ongoing operation. Our comprehensive offering for process data communication within inverter technology complements this capability perfectly. Be sure to use the quick and safe communication with our inverter technology and fieldbus systems based on Industrial ETHERNET in your machines and systems.

SEW Eurodrive Conventional Fieldbuses Distributors

SEW Eurodrive inverter technology communicates with the most commonly used conventional fieldbuses: By opting for us as a manufacturer of drive technology, you are also laying the foundations for trouble-free machine and systems communication. Fieldbuses are an important basis for efficient and flexible automation concepts. All integrated drive components must react quickly, receive commands, process and transmit. Also and particularly with the higher-level controller, as well as with the control level. It is only in this way that you can ensure efficient startups and smooth production processes in your machines and systems. Besides the conventional fieldbuses, our drive technology and drive electronics also, of course, support Industrial ETHERNET technologies. Therefore, place your trust in the technology of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drive technology and make use of the communication capabilities of our components. This applies regardless of whether your machine or system is installed centrally or is decentralized. And of course also worldwide.

SEW Eurodrive Communication Modules Distributors

SEW-EURODRIVE simplifies communication between the controller and drive components and makes it easier to set up communication channels. Simply use our communication modules and fieldbus tools. Regardless of whether simple machines or complex system concepts are involved, a fault-free production operation largely depends on reliable and simple communication between the drive technology and the controller. You can rely on our inverter and control technology for additional communication modules and fieldbus tools, which simplify integration. Due to their design, they provide support for optimal cyclical and anti-cyclical communication. Using these sample modules, you can implement robust communication between your components in a very short period of time.

SEW Eurodrive Safe Communication Distributors
Safe Communication

Safe communication affects every level of your system. You can rely on SEW Eurodrive drive solutions with safe communication that is either integrated or can be expanded as part of a modular system - in both central and decentralized installation concepts. SEW Eurodrive PROFIsafe profile is currently synonymous with safe communication: It gives your systems and automation concepts the functional safety you want and need. All of our drive components, both mechanical and electronic, speak the "PROFIsafe" language. The components speak this language between themselves and also for communication with the control level. Therefore, place your trust in the technology of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drive technology and make use of the communication capabilities of our components. You can do this whether your machine or system is installed centrally or decentralized. And of course, it also available worldwide.

SEW Eurodrive System Buses Distributors
System Buses

Everything fits together: SEW-EURODRIVE system buses not only ensure that our drive technology components communicate smoothly with one another but also equally ensure smooth communication between drive, periphery and our controllers. In applications with our control and drive technology, we also recommend SEW-EURODRIVE system bus technologies as an alternative to standardized fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet networks. This allows you to remain really flexible: SEW-EURODRIVE system buses support central system concepts with control cabinet installations as well as decentralized drive systems, and also combinations of both. SEW-EURODRIVE system buses are seamlessly integrated into the unit hardware. This reduces the number of bus cables required and it is even possible to have structures without any bus cables. Save on time and costs: besides the hardware integration, the software-side integration into the components and the startup and diagnostics software all help to achieve a system that operates economically and smoothly.