System Buses

Everything fits together: SEW-EURODRIVE system buses not only ensure that our drive technology components communicate smoothly with one another but also equally ensure smooth communication between drive, periphery and our controllers. In applications with our control and drive technology, we also recommend SEW-EURODRIVE system bus technologies as an alternative to standardized fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet networks. This allows you to remain really flexible: SEW-EURODRIVE system buses support central system concepts with control cabinet installations as well as decentralized drive systems, and also combinations of both. SEW-EURODRIVE system buses are seamlessly integrated into the unit hardware. This reduces the number of bus cables required and it is even possible to have structures without any bus cables. Save on time and costs: besides the hardware integration, the software-side integration into the components and the startup and diagnostics software all help to achieve a system that operates economically and smoothly.