Industrial Gear

Do you need extremely large torques for extremely large movements? SEW-EURODRIVE has the right drive technology ready for you. Our industrial gear units combine force, quality and durability. These compact powerhouses master your tasks without any problems even under difficult and rough conditions. This includes the conveying and processing of raw materials as well as the energy, timber, mineral industries and process manufacturing. Our industrial gear units meet all of your customer's technical requirements in each of these application areas.

SEW Eurodrive Explosion Proof Industrial Gear Units Distributors
Explosion Proof

SEW Eurodrive explosion-proof industrial gear units for II2GD and II3GD applications offer you the proven performance, durability and safety of our drives for potentially explosive atmospheres. For operators or original equipment manufacturers of machines or conveyor systems, it is essential that the drives they use are resilient, easy-to-maintain and reliable in operation. The industrial gear units of the X, MC and P series meet the requirements of the 94/9/EC European Directive for explosion protection, or as of April 20, 2016 of the EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) or ATEX95 in the European Union. Other European countries, such as Switzerland, have also adopted this regulation. We offer the reliable operation you need for your system in a wide variety of potentially explosive atmospheres to meet all the legal regulations and standards. Special measures are required for the operation of systems and machinery in areas with potentially explosive air/gas or air/dust mixtures. If formation of this kind of mixture cannot be prevented, specially protected gear units are required. Applicable standards and regulations govern the use of resources within existing hazard zones. Our explosion-proof industrial gear units of the X, MC and P series meet the design requirements for group II, category 2G or 3G (potentially explosive gas atmospheres) and 2D or 3D (potentially explosive dust atmospheres). The gear units are suitable for use in zones 1 and 21 or zones 2 and 22. With SEW­EURODRIVE, you’re always on the safe side.

SEW Eurodrive Helical/Bevel Helical Industrial Gear Units Distributors

The standardized industrial gear units in the helical gear unit or bevel-helical gear unit mounting position are robust all-rounders. They complete all of their drive tasks reliably and powerfully - even under difficult application conditions. Their finely graduated sizes and mounting variability mean you will always find the drive that matches your application perfectly at SEW-EURODRIVE.

SEW Eurodrive Mechatronic Industrial Gear Units Distributors

With SEW Eurodrive new mechatronic industrial gear unit we will be the first supplier to deliver industrial gear units, motors and decentralized frequency inverters in a standard package. The inverter-controlled Plug & Play solution reduces project planning to a small number of interfaces. Our world's first mechatronic industrial gear unit is an innovative system solution that ensures practical benefits and profitability across all stages, from the initial inquiry right through to maintenance. Everything stems from a single source - and a leading brand name. The system provides you with the full functionality and flexibility of frequency-controlled drive technology in the easiest possible way. The factory-assembled mechatronic industrial gear unit is the first inverter-controlled Plug & Play solution of its kind worldwide. Combining optimally matched components into one product reduces project planning to a small number of interfaces. Pre-prepared system information and optimized logistics ensure smooth plant planning and fast delivery times. The minimized connection outlay and preset control electronics enable exceptionally fast production startup. Straightforward setting options, maximized flexibility and full transparency during operation lead to optimal conveying processes. Availability is maximized thanks to minimized maintenance and servicing.

SEW Eurodrive Planetary Industrial Gear Units Distributors

SEW Eurodrive standardized industrial gear units in a planetary gear unit mounting position offer high to maximum torque ratings. Primary gear units from our modular concept for standard gear units or from the industrial gear unit X series provide powerful support. Their compact, space-saving design eliminates couplings and adapter flanges.

SEW Eurodrive Segmented Girth Gears Distributors

Girth gears are used to drive large, rotating systems such as dryers, rotary kilns or horizontal mills. The flexible concept from SEW-EURODRIVE has simplified manufacturing, transport and assembly. Traditional girth gears generally consist of two to four segments and are assembled together for processing. This requires extremely large and expensive machines for production, handling and heat treatment. Besides this, the size of component parts creates disadvantages with regard to casting quality and heat treatment. The innovative girth gears from SEW-EURODRIVE are always divided into several identical segments. This means the component parts are short and easy to handle. By combining the latest materials engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, the SEW-EURODRIVE girth gears avoid the disadvantages of the traditional manufacturing process and create new benefits. SEW‑EURODRIVE only uses austempered ductile iron (ADI) for the production of the girth gears. The classical materials cannot match its tensile strength. ADI is described in detail in the following international standards: International Organization for Standardization 17804 "Ausferritic spheroidal graphite cast irons" & AGMA 939-A07 "Austempered Ductile Irons For Gears".