Simple and efficient: with SEW Eurodrive decentralized MOVIFIT® compact inverter. Frequency inverter with parameterizable ramps, 4 speeds and an optional maintenance switch for horizontal materials handling technology. MOVIFIT® compact, the decentralized basic inverter for efficient materials handling technology. Less is more: we have reduced the MOVIFIT® compact to include only the functions and features necessary, and its design means that it is the ideal inverter for the lower function range. The frequency inverter is available in power ranges of 0.75 kW and 1.5 kW. Even before installing it, this basic inverter will convince you with straightforward and fast order processing. All you need to do is select the required power rating and control, AS-Interface or binary, and one of eight available unit variants. No additional consulting or project planning effort required. Project planning, installation and startup is even easier with this member of our drive controller family. It seems only natural that we have also integrated a power bus for field installation. Extremely short installation times? Yes! You want to reduce investment costs for your systems? This is also possible. Thanks to consistent integration of the power distribution with innovative and reliable connector technology. The energy for AC 3 x 400 V is distributed via the FieldPower® terminal from Weidmuller, which is integrated in the unit. Two sensors can be connected to the unit in addition to the drive function when using AS-Interface. These are signaled to the system controller via AS-Interface master without additional costs and the signals can then be processed in the system controller. If you only really need one starter, the MOVIFIT® compact, compact motor starter is the right solution.