MOVIFIT MC Distributor

SEW Eurodrive distributor is used in systems which include the controller mounted close to the motor. Simple, standardized for up to three drives and all this individually tailored to your application. Our MOVIFIT® MC distributor in the classic function level design is a decentralized gateway for communication and energy supply. It can control up to three MOVIMOT® gearmotors with inverters. Maximum flexibility for your system planning. The same drive concept covers the different mechanical specifications of the system. The classic function level does not require any explicit operating software for startup. Simple DIP switches make the relevant settings and following this the distributor as well as the associated MOVIFIT® is then immediately ready for use. The subordinate MOVIMOT® is controlled via the PLC using standardized process data profiles. Our "MOVIFIT® Gateway Configurator" gives you simple configuration and diagnostic options. Our MOVIFIT® MC distributor is equipped for use in the field. The high degree of protection IP65 is standard. Its robust aluminum die cast housing is divided into electronics unit (EBOX) and connection unit (ABOX). A major benefit is the closing mechanism with only one screw and the automatic unit replacement. This enables quick assembly and smooth unit replacement for servicing. Our distributor also has a lot to offer in terms of safety. Equipped with extensive and scalable safety functions, they can be used in safety-related areas. Everything is possible, from the safe disconnection of MOVIMOT® drives to the speed-dependent safety functions activated via fieldbus. Discover more on this site regarding the connection variants, the safety functions and the functional scope of our associated software (function level).