SEW Eurodrive supply aseptic motors and the ASEPTICplus® drive package as well as the new XCO drive package specifically for use in hygienic areas. These packages are tailored perfectly to sensitive production areas for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. We develop and produce aseptic motors with special equipment for hygienically sensitive production areas. The DAS.. series is ideal for use in your sensitive production areas such as in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics or food and beverage industry. Even if an absolutely clean production environment is prescribed, you can safely use the motors in connection with the ASEPTICplus® or new XCO drive package. Two main features of the DAS.. series motors: In contrast to standard motors, which are equipped with cooling fins, the surface of our aseptic motors is as smooth as is possible. This makes them virtually dirt-repellent. Standard motors have a fan, our motors do not: they are convection-cooled. This means that they cause no air turbulences and, consequently, do not distribute any germs and bacteria. The cleaning processes for the production system that are essential in those types of production areas are just as problem-free and practicable. Equipped with the appropriate surface and corrosion protection measures, you can safely apply aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants to these motors with drive package ASEPTICplus® or XCO drive package. This is because the surface protection and materials used withstand the regular cleaning procedures. So put your trust in drive technology for hygienic areas made by SEW-EURODRIVE.