When opening doors, setting switches or when operating press tools, the system has to reach a certain position and maintain it safely. SEW Eurodrive torque motors DRM.. are particularly reliable at doing this. The DRM.. is a 12-pole motor that is designed for operation with rated torque at standstill. This makes it the optimum drive for all applications in which a stop position is reached after a short movement and has to be maintained safely. Torque motor is the usual designation for motors of this type. At SEW-EURODRIVE you will find the right motor for various requirements and speeds together in one gear unit. This is because we offer every torque motor in three rated torques. Furthermore, the DRM.. is also constantly thermally safe and protected when the rotor is blocked. Our torque motor requires a 3-phase mains supply. The electrical design allows the torque motors to be operated in duty cycle S1 with 100% cyclic duration factor when the rotor is blocked. This means that the torque motor constantly provides the full permissible torque. However, should your application require a particularly high starting torque for only a short time, we would recommend duty cycle S3. In this duty cycle, the motor runs a cyclic duration factor of 15% and, in this way, reaches up to three/five times the rated torque. Ideal for press tools, for example. It goes without saying that everything fits together for torque motors and you can use many additional features of the DR.. modular motor system. Only half the solution without a gear unit? No problem at all, as geared torque motors are assembled from a modular system just like gearmotors. The torque motors develop less torque in comparison to DR... series AC motors of the same design due to thermal conditions, resulting in a greater range of possible combinations with our gear units.