Safe Communication

SEW Eurodrive MOVISAFE® DFS..B or DCS..B safety cards ensure functional safety for the drive components in your system - and implement comprehensive motion and position monitoring. Functional safety is the top priority for every system operation. Our MOVISAFE® DFS..B or DCS..B safety cards are compact and functional safety solutions that are both efficient and provide maximum operating safety. Controlled via PROFIsafe, our safety cards ensure targeted motion and position monitoring and provide you with additional practical functions for the safe operation of your system. Compatibility with all drive components is a key focus. MOVISAFE® DFS11B/21B guarantees optimized stop monitoring for all your drive components. This safety card simplifies the planning and implementation of every type of system. MOVISAFE® DCS21B is an innovative safety component that is specifically designed for motion and position monitoring. This safety card can be easily and compactly integrated into the MOVIDRIVE® B drive inverter. The MOVISAFE® DCS22B ensures the comprehensive and safe monitoring of motion sequences. The MOVISAFE® DCS22B safety solution is based on the proven compatibility principle and is designed for compact integration into the MOVIDRIVE® B drive inverter, sizes 1 to 7. This makes it a safety module that is perfectly designed for installation in control cabinets.