Helical Worm

Multi-function drives with design-related benefits: SEW Eurodrive explosion-proof helical-worm servo gearmotors have exceptional power delivery and precise scalability, and are fully certified according to ATEX. The explosion-proof version of the S..CMP.. helical-worm servo gearmotors offers maximum safety. It is designed for operation in systems subject to explosion risk and meets all ATEX requirements for equipment group II in category 3. This enables you to enjoy all the benefits of the S..CMP.. helical-worm servo gearmotors while ensuring maximum safety at the same time. You can count on the explosion-proof helical-worm servo gearmotors to deliver dynamics, running smoothness, and precision. This particularly applies to any of your systems that are based on efficiently linking precise individual steps to build complex processes. As they are angular drives, they are compact and save installation space. The explosion-proof S..CMP.. gearmotors are designed in such a way that they guarantee a low-noise system environment. Moreover, these drives offer excellent damping properties, so your systems operate with low levels of vibration. This is due to the linear application of force on the input shaft, which efficiently prevents torque impulses and enables high levels of running smoothness and noise reduction. Certification according to ATEX includes equipment group II and equipment category 3. The combinations are available in II3GD and II3D design.