SL2 Synchronous

SEW Eurodrive SL2 synchronous linear servomotors are ideal for handling tasks, pick-and-place applications, and synchronous processing. The already high demands placed on machine cycles, acceleration, and linear traveling velocities in many areas such as handling, transportation, and production are continuing to increase steadily. At the same time, users of these demanding systems attach particular importance to the use of virtually wear-free and maintenance-free drive technology. The convection-cooled direct drive covers all requirements to ensure rigorously high control quality with powerful dynamics and consistently high precision levels. Specially designed for process reliability. Because linear motion and force is generated directly, the linear motors do not require mechanical transmission elements or wear parts, such as spindles, ball bearings, or toothed belts. In addition, the latest winding technology and laminated iron core required for this ensure an optimum force-density ratio. There are 3 motor versions available: SL2-Basic, SL2 Advance System, and SL2 Power System. All motors are available in several widths and lengths, and in speed classes 1, 3, and 6 m/s. Your flexibility is also important to us: The secondaries for the linear motors are available in different lengths and can be lined up easily, if required. The SL2-Advance/Power System can be integrated easily as a gearmotor. Our motor cooling unit already offers all of the key elements needed for machine construction. It covers cooling surfaces, strength, weight, bearing installation, load assembly, and thermal expansion. The SL2 Power System has a higher rated force thanks to the integrated forced cooling fan. The SL2-Basic allows you to overcome the limitations of conventional machine construction. Reduce drive components to the bare essentials. Design your own optimum machine using modular components.