Corrosion Protection

By taking targeted preventive measures, you can use SEW Eurodrive drives in even the most extreme environmental conditions. A combination of interior treatment and surface protection provides optimal protection for motors and gear units. Be prepared. SEW Eurodrive gear units and motors can provide additional protection against typical corrosive agents in industrial environments, such as moisture, oils, dirt and chemicals, than what is provided as standard. Additional treatments and special materials allow these devices to be used even in extreme conditions. Use our drives in any atmosphere, from those with low moisture and contaminants to environments with regular wet cleaning using acidic and caustic agents. Our surface protection levels range from standard to levels OS1* to OS3*. With the ASEPTICplus® package, OS4* is set as standard. The XCO drive package is even going further. The innovative tin-nickel surface protection prevents coating from coming off and provides a stainless steel like appearance. This XCO surface protection is an essential feature of the XCO drive package. In addition, the XCO drive package includes among others stainless steel screws, IS connectors, and motors in IP69K degree of protection.