TURCK is your global, customer-oriented premium partner for reliable, industry-specific automation solutions. Providing more than 15.000 sensor, interface, connectivity and fieldbus technology products, as well as HMI/PLC solutions and RFID systems, TURCK offers highly efficient solutions for factory and process automation. TURCK’s sensors, connectivity and fieldbus technology products are built to be the best. As one of the most prominent sensor manufacturers in the world, we even back our sensors with a lifetime warranty. TURCK works by bringing rugged engineering solutions to your industrial automation applications. TURCK Inc. sells its products through authorized distributors like Valin Corporation.
TURCK Cables Distributors

TURCK standard cable construction is PVC insulated inner conductors of high-flex stranding with extruded outer jacket. A separator is utilized to ensure easy machine and hand stripping. Extruded construction is inherently non-wicking because of the absence or minimal use of fillers. Extrusion also minimizes convolutions and provides a nearperfect circular cross section. Standard PVC is used in eurofast, minifast, microfast, picofast, and V*fast, valve connector cordsets and carries CSA and UL approvals. Some PVC cables also have MSHA approval - consult factory for specifics.

TURCK Connectivity Solutions Distributors

Connectivity is an essential part of your automation solution that ties everything together. TURCK’s solution provides a solid foundation for your application with a high standard for quality and a fast and flexible approach, allowing you to make the right connections. TURCK products have some of the highest tolerances to environmental extremes on the market. These parts are able to withstand the spraying, cleaning and humid or moist environments often found in food and beverage applications.

TURCK Distributed I/O Modules Distributors
Fieldbus Technology

Expand your communication capabilities while consolidating your wiring using fieldbus technology. TURCK’s vast I/O offering provides the right solution for your application including three types of Ethernet in a single device. TURCK Distributed I/O enables you to put your control right where you want it, on the machine or in a panel. TURCK’s distributed I/O products provide a variety of configurations to suit individual application needs. All platforms provide the ability to reduce time and costs during a project’s planning, installation, commissioning, and operation phases.

TURCK Industrial RFID Distributors

Elevate the intelligence of your application with industrial RFID. Available in High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF), and designed to meet the demands that are a part of your manufacturing environment, Turck’s industrial RFID ensures your processes are running as efficiently and intelligently as possible. Radio frequency identification (RFID) transfers data through tags or transceivers, allowing users to read the authenticity onto the tag and write them to a data carrier. With diverse I/O capabilities, TURCK RFID systems provide superior communication and connectivity for maximum performance.

TURCK Industrial Controls Distributors
Industrial Controls

Be in control of your system by seamlessly directing your devices. TURCK makes it possible with an offering including anything from relays to programmable gateways. The array of applications where TURCK products are used is as extensive as the markets where they are applied. TURCK products can be programmed with CoDeSys software to create independent distributed control architectures using gateways with integrated subnet capabilities.

TURCK Barriers & Isolators Distributors
Interface Technology

Sometimes, applications require more protection and TURCK provides the answer with an offering of barriers and isolator technologies for both hazardous and non-hazardous applications. All models are equipped with a two-line transflective LCD display, making it easy to read even in very bright light. The modules also incorporate a universal supply voltage and removable terminals, making them easy to install in new or existing systems.

TURCK Intelligent Safety Solutions Distributors
Machine Safety

Integrating intelligent safety solutions into your applications is easy and cost effective with TURCK’s offering of safety products. The devices are designed for installation in large-scale industrial plants and equipment and for use in industrial automation applications. The device must only be used within the limits of its technical specifications and at the prescribed voltage values.

TURCK In-Cabinet & On-Machine Power Supplies Distributors
Power Supplies

Power where you need it with in-cabinet and on-machine power supplies from TURCK. TURCK power supply can be set to single or parallel operating mode. The device provides safety extra-low voltage (SELV) according to EN 60950.

Releco Relays Distributors
Releco Relays

The Comat Releco Group is a leading global supplier of high-quality components, systems and services in Industrial Automation, Electrical Installations and Railway and Transport Applications. TURCK Releco's core competencies are Industrial, Time and Monitoring Relays. Comat and Releco are two well-established brands that have for decades enjoyed an outstanding reputation in their complementary segments of the market for Industrial, Time and Monitoring Relays.

TURCK Proximity Sensors Distributors

TURCK sensors provide important information for efficient industrial automation, such as discrete and analog position signals, level control, flow rates, temperatures, speed and directional feedback. TURCK offers more than 5,000 proximity sensors based on inductive, capacitive, or magnetic principals of operation, along with ultrasonic, flow, linear and rotary position sensors to implement your made-to-measure solutions. It is good engineering practice to mount sensors horizontally or with the sensing face looking down. Avoid sensors that look up wherever possible, especially if metal filings and chips are present. In many cases sensors have to be mounted in close proximity to fulfill the monitoring work. In order to avoid mutual interferences, TURCK offers the Q10S-ZP shield. The locknut torque should be considered for all threaded sensors to prevent the housing from being over stressed.