Foundation Fieldbus/Profibus-PA

TURCK has the full range of solutions for process automation tasks implemented with FOUNDATION™ fieldbus and PROFIBUS-PA: The portfolio includes power supplies, power conditioners, multibarriers as well as junction boxes in IP20 and IP67. The range also includes passive connectivity products such as fieldbus cables, field distributors and terminating resistors. The components are suitable for use in harsh environments and can directly be mounted on the machine or in the process.

TURCK Diagnostic Power Conditioner Distributors

TURCK DPC-System (Diagnostic Power Conditioner) is a power supply system for the installation of FOUNDATION™ fieldbus H1 segments. It provides comprehensive diagnostic functions for monitoring FOUNDATION fieldbus segments, and supports asset management for the entire system. This includes asset management of the physical layer which is extremely valuable. DPC system consists of one or more module racks (DPC-49-4RMB) each with up to eight power supply modules (DPC-49-IPS1) and one diagnostic module (DPC-49-ADU). Up to four H1 segments for each module rack can be operated and monitored redundantly. The diagnostic data from the H1 segments is transmitted via the HSE interface module (DPC-49-HSEFD/24VDC) to the higher level asset management system.