Modular I/O

TURCK panel or machine mounted expandable I/O for placing control at the point of use, available in a wide range of industrial communication protocols. TURCK in-cabinet (IP20) modular I/O is a cost-efficient networking solution that is used in an enclosure and designed to replace terminal blocks with intelligent I/O. Providing flexible communication capabilities, TURCK in-cabinet modular I/O allows operators to mix and match I/O interfaces and adapters, including digital inputs, digital outputs, analog I/O and RFID. For enhanced performance, in-cabinet modular I/O offers significant space savings with up to 32 I/O on a single card. Modules are ideal for applications with large quantities of I/O, including packaging, conveying and general manufacturing. TURCK on-machine (IP67) modular I/O does not require an enclosure, allowing it to be mounted directly on the machine. TURCK on-machine modular I/O offers quick connection and flexible performance.