FCI Inline Monitors

TURCK FCI inline flow monitor operates using the calorimetric flow principle, which detects the transfer of heat in thermally conductive fluids. The temperature detecting elements are platinum RTDs. One of the elements (R1) detects the temperature of the fluid in the pipe and the resistor (R2) is connected to a heater. The heating element heats R2 to a temperature that is slightly above the temperature of the surrounding fluid. When there is no fluid flow, the difference between R1 and R2 remains constant. As the fluid moves through the sensor, heat is conducted away from the heated element causing the temperature of R2 to decrease. This heat loss causes the differential resistance input to the amplifier where the various outputs are generated. With FCI flow monitors, the temperature elements are bonded directly to the outside of a flow through tube. See probe section for more information about the calormetric flow monitors.

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