Over the last 50 years, TURCK has built a reputation for designing and building reliable non-contact inductive sensors that are widely used in diverse positioning applications. Due to TURCK's extensive experience, we have created a broad product portfolio that enables a designer to find the sensor that fits the application. TURCK portfolio includes standard inductive sensors as well as patented sensing technologies like uprox, which sense all metals at the same range and at greater ranges than standard inductive sensors. TURCK inductive proximity sensors are manufactured with a shielded coil, designated by "Bi" in the part number, and a nonshielded coil, designated by "Ni" in the part number. Embeddable (shielded) units may be safely flush-mounted in metal. Nonembeddable (nonshielded) units require a metal free area around the sensing face. Because of possible interference of the electromagnetic fields generated by the oscillators, minimum spacing is required between adjacent or opposing sensors.