With Vogel you stay flexible. For example our modular gearbox system offers you the widest variety of combination possibilities. On the basis of these product standards we can also offer you the desired modifications needed for your field of activity.

Vogel Bevel Helical Gearboxes Distributors
Bevel Helical

Vogel bevel helical gearboxes are a 2-stage design, the input stage is a bevel gearset, the output stage a helical gearset. The gearbox housing and the bearing flanges are made from high quality grey cast iron and are machined on all sides with tapped mounting holes. All input and output sides have a register for central location. The use off robust rolling bearings ensures a high operating life. The modular design system allows designs in many modifications for in and output sides.

Vogel Low Backlash Planetary Gearboxes Distributors
Low Backlash Planetary

Vogel multi-stage gearboxes are available by connecting the individual stages in sequence. Within the gear assembly the individual stages are sized to their torque requirement. Vogel low-backlash planetary gearboxes combine maximum flexibility with high power density.

Vogel Planetary Gearboxes Distributors

Vogel planetary gearbox consists of the coaxial sun gear, planet carrier and outer gear sub-assemblies, and is combined with the planet gears rotating at constant centres about the planet carrier. The input is from the sun gear. The drive motion to the planet carrier is via the planet gears. The rolling contact of the planet gears with the outer gear provides the appropriate ratio.

Vogel Rack & Pinion Drives Distributors
Rack & Pinion Drives

The combination of low-backlash planetary gearboxes with Vogel high-precision pinions and racks is extremely energy-efficient, precise, dynamic and convincing thanks to the long service life. Rack and pinion drive with pinion pre-mounted on the output shaft of the gearbox. You benefit from minimum assembly work and fast start-up.

Vogel Servo Spiral Bevel Gearboxes Distributors
Servo Spiral Bevel

Vogel servo gearboxes are increasingly in demand in numerous fields of machine and plant construction. The servo range from Vogel Antriebstechnik covers about 4,000 series-produced servo gearboxes based on a total of 10 types. The result is an attractively priced range that still guarantees customers maximum flexibility thanks to the huge choice.

Vogel Spiral Bevel Gearboxes Distributors
Spiral Bevel

Vogel bevel gearboxes incorporate the Klingelnberg palloidspiral gearing. With the spiral tooth form and large contact engagement, high torques can be transmitted. The bevel gear sets are made from high quality alloy steel and they are hardened and lapped in pairs. With these features an optimum tooth marking pattern is achieved, together with very quiet running and good efficiency.