As experienced experts Weidmueller support our customers and partners around the world with products, solutions and services in the industrial environment of power, signal and data. Together we set standards in Industrial Connectivity.
Weidmuller Connectivity Products Distributors

Well conceived connections increase your efficiency. Weidmuller solutions create added value in planning, installing and operating.

Weidmuller Device Connection Technology Distributors
Device Connection Technology

Weidmuller's wide range of applications-based products includes PCB terminals and connectors, through-panel terminals, and electronics housings for industrial applications with emphases on signal processing and power electronics. As a pioneering and leading provider of device connectivity and housings, Weidmuller supports the entire design-in process with deep-rooted application expertise and a proven know-how in finding solutions. Weidmuller global design-in support provides the perfect connection between products and services.

Weidmuller Electronics & Automation Technology Distributors
Electronics & Automation

The job of electronics in automation is to transmit, convert, protect and supply. Weidmuller put together practical solutions for these functions - for maximum safety and efficiency in machine construction, materials handling, energy generation and process technology. Discover how we rise to your challenges.

Weidmuller Enclosures & Cable Glands Distributors
Enclosures & Cable Glands

Weidmuller Klippon brand has long stood for competence and quality in housings, particularly when customer solutions for standard industrial applications and applications in explosive risk zones are concerned. Weidmuller meets these requirements with its range of steel sheet enclosures in the new Klippon TB series, available in Multi-Hinge (MH) and Quarter-Lock (QL) versions, the Klippon STB series and the aluminium enclosures of the Klippon K series. The portfolio is rounded off with the polyester enclosures of the Klippon POK series and the polycarbonate enclosures. Irrespective of which application users are planning, Weidmuller offers numerous precisely fitting housing solutions and individual services: turnkey enclosures with customer-specific configurations such as terminal rails, drilled holes, cable glands, cutouts, special coatings and much more besides.

Weidmuller Marshalling Cable Solutions Distributors
Marshalling Cable Solution

Weidmuller has teamed with designers to provide a simple and easy solution to marshal DCS control systems. This complete marshalling system features two field wiring termination options with using either field termination assemblies or terminal blocks and engineered marshalling cables.

Weidmuller Remote I/O Systems Distributors
Remote I/O

Your I/O technology can be smoothly integrated in your usual engineering system with modules which adapt to your individual circumstances and are quick to get up and running. Whether you opt for the IP67 version directly on the panel or in the cabinet in an IP20 housing, I/O systems from Weidmuller enable wireless integration in existing programming environments. Intelligent functions mean you are ready instantly. With your practical equipment, our remote I/O systems optimise your machines and processes. Let‘s connect.

Weidmuller Systemized Marking Distributors
Systemized Marking

Weidmuller harmonised product line is a systemised approach to labelling that provides you with a solution for all identification needs in and around the electrical cabinet. Weidmuller is sure you will be won over by our marking system. Weidmuller does not just offer you a complete, convenient process chain from data entry to ready-for-use markers for your individual cabinet configuration. Weidmuller offers you marking solutions that are already geared towards the future requirements of progressive automation. This means you are always one step ahead.

Weidmuller Wire Processing Tools Distributors

Precision tools from Weidmuller are in use worldwide. Weidmuller takes this responsibility seriously and offers comprehensive services. Tools should still function perfectly even after many years of constant use. Weidmuller therefore offers its customers the "Tool Certification" service. This technical testing routine allows Weidmuller to guarantee the proper functioning and quality of its tools. Weidmuller has been developing and manufacturing quality tools for the many diverse, extensive and highly demanding uses in industry for over 30 years. Our single goal when developing new solutions is simply to make your work easier, to facilitate efficient work process and to help facilitate increased productivity now and and long-term.

Weidmuller Wireless Connectivity Distributors
Wireless Connectivity

Weidmuller industrial wireless products provide secure and reliable solutions for a wide range of industries and applications, as an alternative for signal and data wiring. Weidmuller's complete line of wireless, Ethernet switching and network management products delivers an infrastructure for your critical assets that is flexible, productive, safe and easily managed.