Well conceived connections increase your efficiency. Weidmuller solutions create added value in planning, installing and operating.

Weidmuller Heavy Duty Connectors Distributors
Heavy Duty Connectors

Weidmuller heavy-duty connectors are used wherever there is a need for a secure, simple and time-saving assembly of machinery and facilities. The connector housings are made of die-cast aluminum and offer excellent protection against dirt, moisture and mechanical stress. Special modular connectors make it possible to integrate signals, power supply, pneumatics, and data connections into a single connector.

Weidmuller Industrial Ethernet Passive Connectors Distributors
Industrial Ethernet Passive

Weidmuller offer modular Industrial Ethernet plug-in connectors with IP 20 to IP 67, which can be combined to drastically reduce the assembly time you need for tool-free wiring in the field. Inserts for copper and fiber-optic cables and a large selection of plug-in connectors in plastic and metal are usable for any application. Given their transmission speeds of up to 10 Gigabits/s, you have plenty of reserve capacity for future applications. Where regulatory standards around the world are critical, the plug-in connectors in Weidmuller STEADYTEC series will meet your needs 100 per cent.

Weidmuller Marshalling Cable Solutions Distributors
Marshalling Solutions

Weidmuller offers a simple and easy solution to marshal your control system. This complete marshalling system features three modular components. First, a range of interface modules designed to greatly reduce cabinet space. This range includes six versions. Depending on the module, LEFT or RIGHT side cabinet wiring is also available.

Weidmuller Photovoltaic Connectors Distributors
Photovoltaic Connectors

With Weidmuller photovoltaic connectors, you invest in a reliable operation and durability. Regardless of whether you are using the conventional crimp connector WM4 C or the innovative PV-Stick with PUSH IN technology, Weidmuller provides connectors that are extremely easy to handle and can be installed quickly. By the low investment in Weidmuller high-quality connectors, you can minimise the risk of plant downtimes many times over and thereby save money in the long term. Put your faith in an experienced partner and proven quality for even the smallest components.

Weidmuller Power Bus System Distributors
Power Bus System

The intelligent FieldPower power bus system from Weidmuller can be precisely tailored to your requirements. The feed-in, extension, motor feeder and distributor functions are integrated in just one space-saving module. They can be expanded to include arbitrary functional units depending on the application. Thanks to the insulation displacement connection, FieldPower is the world’s first system for direct installation with conventional, uncut round cables.

Weidmuller Sensor-Actuator Interfaces, Cables & Circular Connectors Distributors
SAI, Cables & Connectors

Weidmuller is now one of the industry's leading international providers of connectors. An important mainstay in this product family are the circular connectors, which Weidmuller groups under the product name SAI. In the development of SAI products, Weidmuller engineers have always concentrated on achieving rational, cost-effective installation concepts, and - in cooperation with major users - have supplied the markets with well-conceived products which set standards in terms of functionality and quality across the globe. The best examples are the new power distributors with S and T coded M12. These modules are characterised by particularly high currents and voltages. This enables them to also be used, for example, with three-phase motors.

Weidmuller Service Interfaces Distributors
Service Interfaces

Attaching protected Weidmuller service interfaces to the housing walls of your cabinets is a simple, well-proven solution used to effectively boost your system's availability and productivity. You can then grant your technicians quick and safe access to the control elements and functional electronics in the cabinet at any time, conveniently doing so from outside - through the closed cabinet door.

Weidmuller Modular Terminal Blocks Distributors
Terminal Blocks

Whether it is simple handling, more space in the panel or time saving on installation: Weidmuller Klippon Connect offers numerous benefits for your process. In line with Weidmuller modular range of terminal blocks, Klippon can offer you an application range and a universal range. The particular requirements determine which is the most suitable. Often, standardisation enables the right solution to be found with Weidmuller sophisticated, function-oriented universal range of terminals. It provides you with practical product features. For recurring application fields, such as control voltage distribution or signal wiring, Weidmuller offers you the ideal solutions with our application range of terminal blocks. Thanks to the high level of application focus, these solutions really do help increase productivity, efficiency and safety. And when tailored configuration is required, Weidmueller's customer-specific assembly service is available.