Terminal Blocks

Whether it is simple handling, more space in the panel or time saving on installation: Weidmuller Klippon Connect offers numerous benefits for your process. In line with Weidmuller modular range of terminal blocks, Klippon can offer you an application range and a universal range. The particular requirements determine which is the most suitable. Often, standardisation enables the right solution to be found with Weidmuller sophisticated, function-oriented universal range of terminals. It provides you with practical product features. For recurring application fields, such as control voltage distribution or signal wiring, Weidmuller offers you the ideal solutions with our application range of terminal blocks. Thanks to the high level of application focus, these solutions really do help increase productivity, efficiency and safety. And when tailored configuration is required, Weidmueller's customer-specific assembly service is available.

Weidmuller Building Installation Wiring Terminals Distributors
Building Installation Wiring

Installation wiring poses particular challenges in terms of the design of terminal blocks. The solutions need to be both economical and compact. Simple handling and clarity also need to be guaranteed. Installation distribution and small distributors offer little space for wiring. Our terminal blocks for building installations meet all requirements here. For example, the PUSH IN technology allows a particularly compact design while retaining its clarity, thus enabling simple and safe wiring of your building infrastructure. Weidmuller terminal blocks open up added-value options when it comes to wiring your building infrastructure. Thanks to the wide product range and the comfortable handling of the PUSH IN terminal blocks, Klippon Connect helps improve flexibility and efficiency even from the planning phase.

Weidmuller Screw Connection with Clamping Yoke Technology Terminals Distributors
Clamping Yoke

Whatever your requirements for the panel: our screw connection system with patented clamping yoke technology ensures the ultimate in contact safety. You can use both screw-in and plug-in cross-connections for potential distribution. Two conductors of the same diameter can also be connected in a single terminal point in accordance with UL1059. The screw connection has long been an established connection element to meet exacting demands in terms of reliability and functionality. And Weidmuller W-Series is still setting standards. The high reliability and variety of designs of the terminal blocks with clamping yoke connections make planning easer and optimises operational safety. Klippon Connect provides a proven response to a range of different equirements.

Weidmuller Control Voltage Distribution Terminals Distributors
Control Voltage Distribution

For power supplies to equipment in the panel, there is an increased risk of incorrect connections because of the large number of conductors. Weidmuller tailored AAP potential distribution terminal blocks and the maxGUARD modular system with built-in electronic load monitoring offer ideal solutions for surge current protection and clear, structured power distribution within control voltage circuits. The considerable space saving and reduced wiring means you can guarantee supply to your panel equipment simply and effectively. For complex wiring projects in confined spaces, we offer a future-oriented strategy for central potential distribution with direct wiring option for all the device‘s plus and minus potentials. This means that Klippon Connect makes planning and implementing your control voltage distribution system considerably more productive.

Weidmuller Current & Transformer Voltage Wiring Terminals Distributors
Current/Transformer Voltage

In energy monitoring, incorrect wiring can destroy current and voltage transformers. Weidmuller specially developed test-disconnect terminal blocks, in various connection technologies, are a safe way of solving this problem. Simple operation ensures error-free, convenient wiring. This guarantees the protection of your transformers and measuring devices and ensures safe, precise work. Weidmuller integrated terminal blocks, in modular design for transformer switches, also save space in the panel. The sophisticated features and proven connection technologies means Klippon Connect solves testing and measurement issues more safely and efficient. Our extensive portfolio provides flexibility and productivity at all stages of the process.

Weidmuller DCS Marshalling Terminals Distributors
DCS Marshalling

Increasingly complex requirements for automation processes and increasing demands in terms of monitoring and recording operational data have led to an ever-increasing number of sensors in the field for process technology. This means that space- and time-saving wiring of signals in DCS marshalling panels in the process and energy generation industries is becoming increasingly demanding. Weidmuller terminal blocks for DCS marshalling enable extremely compact yet clear panel design. The additional signals for automation can be easily connected and processed. With Weidmuller terminal blocks for DCS marshalling, you have maximum flexibility from the planning phase: potential later extensions can be planned in from the start. This means that Klippon Connect saves you time and money and considerably improves productivity.

Weidmuller Power Distribution Terminals Distributors
Power Distribution

Safe power supply to equipment such as motors is decisive for the availability of plants and machines. The use of increasingly large wire cross-sections and restricted space in the panel is increasing the demands on terminal blocks and distribution blocks and posing new challenges for panel planners. Weidmuller comprehensive product range for power distribution ensures excellent flexibility, even in the planning stages. The variety of possible combinations gives you just what you need for all power distribution requirements and enables compact panel design. Rapid installation and flexible combination options with Klippon Connect, for simple, space-saving installation and increased productivity in the construction of switchgear and panel. This makes the design of your power distribution system noticeably more efficient.

Weidmuller Power Feed-In Terminals Distributors
Power Feed-In

More and more components need to be housed in switchgear and panels within a confined space. As part of the power feed-in, connecting conductors is becoming increasingly challenging, especially for large cross-sections. Weidmuller comprehensive range of connection solutions also enables convenient wiring in challenging space conditions. The compact design and the combination of many practical handling benefits make the supply of power to switchgear and panels simple, efficient and space-saving. The feed-in of power to switchgear and panels is much easier with Klippon Connect: our connection solutions ensure reduced wiring work and efficient processes. The compact design means you save space and money, whilst increasing productivity on a sustainable basis.

Weidmuller Spring Connection with Push-In Technology Terminnals Distributors

Increase your efficiency during installations without compromising on safety. Weidmuller's innovative PUSH IN technology reduces connection times for solid conductors and conductors with crimped-on wire-end ferrules by up to 50 percent compared to tension clamp terminals. The conductor is simply inserted into the contact point as far as the stop and that’s it - you have a safe, gas-tight connection. Even stranded-wire conductors can be connected without any problem and without the need for special tools. Safe and reliable connections are crucial, especially under harsh conditions, such as those encountered in the process industry. PUSH IN technology guarantees optimal contact security and ease of handling, even in demanding applications. Klippon Connect gives your panel design maximum flexibility thanks to PUSH IN technology. The extremely compact design and simple handling at the same time help to make processes more efficient right from the planning stage.

Weidmuller Sheilding & Earthing Terminals Distributors
Sheilding & Earthing

The safety and availability of plants must be guaranteed at all times. Careful planning and installation of safety functions play a particularly important role. For personnel protection, Weidmuller offer a wide range of PE terminal blocks in different connection technologies. With Weidmuller's wide range of KLBU shield connections, you can achieve flexible and self-adjusting shield contacting and ensure error-free plant operation. Klippon Connect reliably guarantees the protection of personnel and machines and increases plant availability. You can improve your productivity and benefit from more efficient planning and increased safety during installation and operation.

Weidmuller Signal Wiring Terminals Distributors
Signal Wiring

With the current levels of automation, there are more and more sensors monitoring the production process. This increases the number of signals to be combined and structured. Given the restricted space in the panel, this can become a real challenge. Weidmuller application-specific initiator/actuator terminal blocks (AIO) are specially designed for the signal wiring requirements posed by automation now and into the future. You can benefit from tailored, really compact solutions for the structured wiring of initiator and actuator signals with the input and output modules of a programmable logic controller (PLC). With tailored application products, Klippon Connect offers all the benefits required for structured wiring of initiator and actuator signals. The simple handling and the maximum flexibility in the choice of design meets the requirements for reliable signal wiring simply, efficiently and safely.

Weidmuller Screw Connection with Stud Technology Terminals Distributors

Whether it is the supply of high power levels to engines, quick and safe coupling of carriages, energy distribution in the carriages and parts thereof, traffic engineering in general, and high-speed trains especially, all pose real challenges for connectivity. For reliable power transfer in these challenging conditions, we offer series WF, WFF and ST 400 stud terminals. With crimped cable lugs, the conductors are laid on the threaded pins and securely connected together by tightening the hex nut to the required torque. The robust processing guarantees the ultimate in safety. Weidmuller stud terminals are an established, robust connection alternative for particularly harsh environments. The extensive accessories and quality workmanship ensure high productivity in planning and installation - and sustainable safety in operation.

Weidmuller Spring Connection with Tension Clamp Technology Terminals Distributors
Tension Clamp

Whether in machine construction, the automotive industry or railway and shipping: wherever there is a requirement for a particularly vibration-resistant contact, tension clamp technology proves extremely reliable. At the same time, Weidmuller terminal blocks with proven tension clamp technology are perfect for compact yet manageable panel construction. The wide range with numerous additional functions and pluggable terminal blocks (WeiCoS), the wide clamping range and up to two cross-connection channels make the Z-Series perfectly adaptable to all requirements. Pluggable standard cross-connections enable flexible potential distribution. Klippon Connect helps you reliably achieve a range of applications. Weidmuller terminal blocks with tension clamp technology are impressively compact and flexible. They contribute to highly efficient panel construction and improved productivity.