Analog Signal Conditioning

In all types of electronic industrial and marine measurement and control systems - for example in processes such as power plants, steelworks, water and waste plants, oil and gas production and chemical processing. In fact, wherever temperature, pressure, level, flow, weight, speed, etc., is measured and controlled as part of a continuous or batch production process. Such measurement parameters - after being accurately produced - must not be degraded on their way from the field to the control room, despite external influences from the atmosphere and installation. Conversion or changes to these signals requires electronics of the highest quality, which can also withstand wide ambient temperature changes, electro-magnetic interference, vibration, corrosive or hazardous conditions. You are looking for isolating amplifiers which convert, isolate, monitor and visualise your digital and analog signal values from industrial and process automation, e.g. temperature, pressure, level, flow volumes, weight and speed. Weidmuller's range of switching amplifiers makes it a powerful partner in light of the increasing use of automation.

Weidmuller ACT20X Intrinsically Safe Signal Converters Distributors
ACT20X Signal Converters

Weidmuller ACT20X is a completely new line of signal converter products for the Ex zone. These compact modules require only 11 mm per channel and take up very little space in the electrical cabinet. Weidmuller has specifically designed the ACT20X line for process automation applications in Ex and non-Ex zones. The 17 different variants can process all standard input signals (such as 2-wire, HART-, NAMUR-, RTD, thermocouple or DC signals) from Ex zone 0. They can also handle digital or analogue signals from Ex-zone field devices to the controller. The integrated relay output issues an alert in the event of a malfunction; this makes troubleshooting easier and reduces facility down times. The WI-Manager configuration software is based on FDT (Field Device Tool) technology. The software allows you to configure all ACT20X products with your PC so that they can be custom-fit to a wide variety of process applications. Weidmuller provides a device type manager (DTM) for the ACT20X modules that can be used in any FDT-based frame. The DTMs allow you to configure different devices quickly and accurately. They also enable you to analyse measurements and diagnostics data. The DTM can also be used to clearly identify the connected device. The FDT frame application "WI Manager" and the device-specific DTMs are available from Weidmuller free of charge. The ACT20X modules can be used in a temperature range from -20 °C to +60 °C without limitations. The modules can be installed in the safe zone or in the explosion risk area of Zone 2. The ACT20Xs always deliver a pure, interference-free signal thanks to their accuracy, temperature stability and high insulation strength.

Weidmuller Indicators & Configurable Displays Distributors
Indicator/Configurable Display

In industrial and process automation, displays provide a visual rendering of data and an digital presentation of electrical and non-electrical measurements. They provide essential diagnostics, logging and operational guidance when operating machines and facilities. Weidmuller displays make dialogue-based operations possible. They show measurements, error messages and also allow processes to be monitored. Weidmuller displays can also feature digital and analogue outputs, interference-suppression functions, or the ability to calculate certain process variables internally. This turns a simple display into a high-quality rocess interface capable of independently controlling subprocesses.

Weidmuller Signal Converters Distributors
Signal Converters

Weidmuller analogue conditioners and monitoring modules are offered in touch-safe IP 20 housings and with space-saving DIN mounting. This product line includes: passive and active isolation amplifiers for analogue current and voltage signals; measurement isolators for measuring temperatures, resistances, frequencies, AC/DC currents and voltages; and universally-configurable signal isolating converters with integrated threshold monitoring. Weidmuller wide product range covers all the functions for isolating, converting and monitoring analogue signals. These products can therefore be used in practically all industrial measurement applications to safeguard the basic functionality between field signals and post-processing systems. A comprehensive line of accessories is also available for the analogue signal converter product line. These include pluggable cross-connectors, markers, and configuration adapters for the software-programmable products.

Weidmuller Signal Converters in 6mm Width Distributors
Signal Converter 6mm Width

The thinnest signal converter for isolating, converting and monitoring analogue signals. Weidmuller signal converters and the signal separators in the product family ACT20M, MICROSERIES and the MCZ enables the user to integrate many signal channels within a compact space. In addition to galvanic separation, these products offer the conversion and conditioning of DC and temperature signals (TC and RTD) to standard norm signals (e.g. 4-20 mA, 0-10 V). The pluggable cross-connections option for MAS/MAZ and MCZ ranges, or the Weidmuller rail bus option for the ACT20M ensure a quick installation.

Weidmuller Trip Amplifiers Distributors
Trip Amplifiers

Monitoring AC/DC currents and voltages within single-phase and three-phase power networks. Some Weidmuller WAVESERIES products provide the function of monitoring voltage and current. Typical uses include low voltage distribution applications. This includes the monitoring of phase voltages and current while controlling actuators. Another application is in monitoring dropouts of a power supply, or accumulators and feed-in systems within industrial production lines. There are many applications for threshold monitoring (trip amplifier) products in process automation. Typically they are used to generate alarms when "out-of-limits" signals are detected with fill levels, flow quantities or temperature signals. Weidmuller PLUGCONTROL series of current monitoring products monitor DC current up to 10 amps. They can be used in applications to monitor the functioning of valves, servocontrols and DC motors. The pluggable detector uses the same socket (base) as Weidmuller PLUGSERIES relays and optos socket base so it uses the same quick-and-easy to use pluggable ZQV cross-connections for saving wiring time. A lever is provided to quickly release or instal the detector.

Weidmuller Analog Signal Conditioning Accessories Distributors
Analog Signal Conditioning Accessories

A comprehensive line of accessories is available for the analog signal converter product family. The line includes configuration adapters for software-programmable products, interface modules, calibrators and mounting accessories (such as cross-connectors, end plates and terminal connectors) - all naturally in the top Weidmuller quality that you have come to expect.