The wiring guidelines for EtherNet/IP clearly define the interfaces to be used to ensure interoperability in EtherNet/IP systems. Weidmuller offers all the cabling products needed to build a requirement specific infrastructure which is tailored to the needs of EtherNet/IP. The wiring components for copper and fiber-optic cables are designed and tested for use in harsh industrial environments. The user is provided with clear guidelines about the requirements of the components for use in industrial environments with the introduction of the MICE classification (EtherNet/IP Media Planning and Installation Manual). The high-quality shielding of the cables and connection components offers comprehensive protection against electromagnetic interference. The cables are 8-wire twisted-pair cables for RJ45 or star quad for use in M12. The cabling components are also easy to handle in the field. The plug-in connectors for copper and fiber optic cables can all be assembled on-site. This reduces installation time, reduces errors and simplifies maintenance. The connectors wire/pin assignment is either according to TIA568-A or TIA568-B as required. The connectors and modules are marked accordingly, making them easier to connect.