Managed Switches

Weidmuller managed switches offer extensive control mechanisms for data distribution and bandwidth management to co-ordinate and cope with the different requirements of communication participants in an industrial network. Configuration is either web-based using a simple and intuitive user interface or via a serial console. It is particularly important to have network redundancy to ensure system availability in today’s Industrial Ethernet infrastructures. This is because in a highly integrated system, a connection error can lead to machine stoppage and thus to production losses. To minimise such risks in a managed Ethernet network, Weidmuller has integrated high-performance redundancy mechanisms into its managed switches. This is in addition to the RSTP/STP standard and port-trunking.

Weidmuller Premium Line Managed Switches Distributors
Premium Line

Weidmuller’s Premium Line series completes the switch range for the high-end sector and is particularly suitable for complex network solutions with high traffic levels. The devices are available in different versions, ie. number of ports, transmission rate (Fast and Gigabit Ethernet) and the Type of connection (copper and fiber-optic). With their advanced ring redundancy technology (recovery time ≤ 20 ms), these devices increase the reliability and availability of your industrial network. The option to use SFP transceivers offer a high degree of flexibility and the Gigabit variants also allow their use in networks with high traffic loads.