Weidmuller router enables controlled and secure data exchange between "switched" Ethernet networks (IP routing). The various manifestations of the Network Address Translation function (1:1 NAT, masquerading, virtual mapping, port and IP forwarding) provide controlled access to both sub-networks as well as individual Ethernet devices. In addition, the 1:1 NAT function allows machine networks with the same IP address range to be easily integrated into a primary production network, as is typically the case in series machine manufacturing. The high-speed performance of the Gigabit interface means that the router will have no problems at all handling future increased data loads in the Ethernet network. Weidmuller Industrial Ethernet routers use encrypted VPN connections (OpenVPN and IPsec) to allow access to machines and systems. Diagnosis and error rectification are therefore possible from any location. This means that an onsite service technician can be dispensed with in many cases. The router supports the standard VPN technologies OpenVPN and IPsec, and can be operated either as a VPN client or a VPN server (with no limits on the number of simultaneously usable clients).