Lightning and surge protection in 6 mm overall width for measurement and control circuits including isolation/measuring function. Weidmuller VARITECTOR SSC combined surge protection, a direct PE contact function, separation of signal paths and operational status indication in one module. It is suitable for C&I applications. The disconnect lever in the terminal guarantees that the measurement/control circuit can be quickly and precisely switched off to test the signal path. Using a test plug (PS 2.3 mm), the measuring instrument can be easily inserted into the integrated test socket on Torx/Slot headed screws. The shield can be attached onto the additional lower level of the VSSC 6AN which then leads directly to the PE potential on the mounting rail. Permanent shielding can be implemented easily using the EMC set. Weidmuller’s SNAPMARK device marker can be snapped onto a terminal so that the equipment identification can be easily read regardless of the installation position. The VSSC 6AN features all the advantages found in the VARITECTOR SSC product line: a thin 6.2 mm width, quick PE contact to rail (with up to 20 kA discharge capacity), simple colour coding for quick identification, large-surface versatile markers, and the new Torx/slot headed screw. Weidmuller VARITECTOR products comply with the latest IEC 61643-21 requirement for a new overstress mode and with categories D1, C3, C2 and C1 according to IEC 61643-22.