Enclosures & Cable Glands

Weidmuller Klippon brand has long stood for competence and quality in housings, particularly when customer solutions for standard industrial applications and applications in explosive risk zones are concerned. Weidmuller meets these requirements with its range of steel sheet enclosures in the new Klippon TB series, available in Multi-Hinge (MH) and Quarter-Lock (QL) versions, the Klippon STB series and the aluminium enclosures of the Klippon K series. The portfolio is rounded off with the polyester enclosures of the Klippon POK series and the polycarbonate enclosures. Irrespective of which application users are planning, Weidmuller offers numerous precisely fitting housing solutions and individual services: turnkey enclosures with customer-specific configurations such as terminal rails, drilled holes, cable glands, cutouts, special coatings and much more besides.

Weidmuller Klippon Aluminum Enclosures Distributors
Aluminum Enclosures

Weidmuller Klippon brand has long stood for competence and quality in housings - particularly when turnkey, customer-specific solutions for standard industrial applications and applications in explosive risk zones are concerned. Improved products that meet all application requirements: this was Weidmuller's aim when modernising and upgrading the Klippon K enclosure series. No matter what kind of application the customer is planning; Weidmuller is able to provide a wide range of aluminium enclosures precisely fitting the customer's requirements.

Weidmuller Cable Entries Distributors
Cable Entries

Weidmuller offers a variety of add-on components for a multitude of purposes and applications in addition to its extensive Klippon Protect range. In addition to brass, plastic and stainless steel cable glands, there are also sealing plugs, pressure-equalising elements, adapters and relevant accessories - such as lock nuts, flat gaskets, flat washers and earthing rings - available. To match the assembled enclosures, the cable glands meet the requirements of IP protection classes IP54 to IP69K and can be used as required in standard industrial applications, EMC applications or even explosive risk zones, plus they comply with the approvals required for this purpose. Weidmuller Ex-certified Klippon cable glands also enable the connection of braided and shielded reinforcements with and without lead sheathing as well as the connection of steel wire and steel tape cables and conductors. They can withstand temperatures ranging from -60°C to +180°C.

Weidmuller Klippon Cable Entry System Distributors
Cable Entry System

Would you prefer to connect a pre-assembled cable to an installation enclosure or cabinet, or install it later, without having to dismantle the plug or cut it from the cable? If so, you can save time and money by using Weidmuller modular Cabtite cable entry system. These systems are a combination of splittable cable entry strips or cable glands connected with clamping grommets. The use of split, captive grommets allows different diameters to be fed into the enclosure whilst simultaneously guaranteeing IP 54 protection and strain relief. Thanks to the fact that they have the same design and dimensions, the modular components and grommets can be used in cable entry strips as well as in cable glands. The system is found particularly in measurement, power, computer lines or field bus systems.

Weidmuller EX Cable Glands Distributors
EX Cable Glands

The environmental conditions in many industry and explosion-proof applications pose a real challenge for the system components. Dust, vibrations, moisture and extreme temperatures all have an impact on the installed devices and the cable glands must also be able to withstand these stresses too. Weidmuller's new Ex cable glands guarantee process reliability in demanding environments. They are designed such that they can be used universally in any enclosure series. They are also just as easy to use in both high and low-temperature environments. With impact resistance of 7 Joules, the new explosionproof polyamide cable glands offer extremely high levels of protection against external influences such as shocks or impacts. Together with their suitability for use in an extended temperature range and their proven conformity with current standards, these cable glands ensure safe and reliable functioning in a wide range of applications.

Weidmuller Klippon Protect Enclosures Distributors
Klippon Protect

Weidmuller Klippon Protect application products are designed for specific protection requirements in the field. These include application solutions for monitoring and safety, measurement and control technology and power distribution. The basis for these application solutions is formed by high quality and comprehensive approvals for explosive risk zones. You can obtain enclosure solutions such as terminal boxes, command and signalling devices and electronic boxes from a single source and with a consistent enclosure design - for maximum safety, reliable functionality and low follow-up costs for maintenance, replacement and storage.

Weidmuller TBF Series Large Polyester Enclosures Distributors
Large Polyester Enclosure

The enclosures in Weidmuller TBF range are made from sturdy glass-fiber reinforced polyester. They offer a universal solution for protection of components such as controllers, measuring instruments, valves and other devices. Suitable applications include photovoltaics and energy distribution. Weidmuller can manufacture and supply this enclosure to match customer specifications and fitted with all necessary terminals and cable glands.

Weidmuller FPC Series Medium-Sized Polycarbonate Enclosures Distributors
Medium Polycarbonate Enclosure

Weidmuller FPC enclosure range is the next generation of the MPC range. The enclosures have the same technical characteristics and are ideal for enclosing electrical, electro-mechanical and pneumatic devices and PCBs. The enclosures are used in situations where extreme mechanical and chemical conditions exist. Weidmuller can manufacture and supply this enclosure to match customer specifications and fitted with all necessary terminals and cable glands.

Weidmuller Klippon Plastic Enclosures Distributors
Plastic Enclosures

Weidmuller Klippon polyester enclosures provide a high quality solution for all electrical connectivity applications, including those located within harsh environments. These enclosures are suitable wherever corrosion resistance, shock resistance and a high class of protection are required. The enclosure lid is secured with stainless steel captive cross-head screws. Handling the enclosure is made simple. A single tool is the only requirement for quick and easy installation. Internal mounting plates for the installation of terminal rails, terminal blocks or other equipment are available.

Weidmuller MPC Series Small Polycarbonate Enclosures Distributors
Small Polycarbonate Enclosure

The polycarbonate enclosures of Weidmuller MPC range are ideal for enclosing electrical, electro-mechanical and pneumatic devices as well as PCBs. The enclosures are used in situations with extreme mechanical and chemical conditions. Weidmuller can manufacture and supply this enclosure to match customer specifications and fitted with all necessary terminals and cable glands.

Weidmuller STB Series Stainless & Sheet Steel Enclosures Distributors
STB Series

Weidmuller Klippon STB range manufactured from either sheet or stainless steel is the perfectly designed Small Terminal Box. It provides the ideal connection point for either industrial or harsh environment applications. The name Klippon has long been synonymous for competence and quality in the supply of enclosures and customer solutions. This philosophy continues with Weidmuller Klippon STB range of enclosures. Typically serving industries such as process, energy and transportation, the Klippon STB series is the perfect complement to our existing Klippon Terminal Box Portfolio. The enclosures are approved to international standards.

Weidmuller Klippon Steel Enclosures Distributors
Steel Enclosures

Weidmuller Klippon TB enclosure series offers excellent performance characteristics and meets the stricter requirements of hazardous areas. The enclosures are available in twelve sizes and three standard depths. They consist of 1.4404 (316L) stainless steel and meet the requirements of the IP66 and IP67 protection classes. The enclosures are tested with this equipment to the latest international standards, including EN 62208 and EN 60079. The enclosures come standard with a silicone seal for use under extreme temperatures. An integrated dust and moisture channel prevents dirt and moisture from penetrating when the enclosure is opened. The external earthing stud is equipped with an IP66/67 certified sealing mechanism and is protected against twisting. Mounting bolts are located within the enclosure for installing rails and mounting plates. Weldedon mounting feet provide for a fast, secure and stable wall mounting.