Weidmuller Klippon brand has long stood for competence and quality in housings, particularly when customer solutions for standard industrial applications and applications in explosive risk zones are concerned. Weidmuller meets these requirements with its range of steel sheet enclosures in the new Klippon TB series, available in Multi-Hinge (MH) and Quarter-Lock (QL) versions, the Klippon STB series and the aluminium enclosures of the Klippon K series. The portfolio is rounded off with the polyester enclosures of the Klippon POK series and the polycarbonate enclosures. Irrespective of which application users are planning, Weidmuller offers numerous precisely fitting housing solutions and individual services: turnkey enclosures with customer-specific configurations such as terminal rails, drilled holes, cable glands, cutouts, special coatings and much more besides.