WIKA offers a complete range of electronic, mechatronic and mechanical pressure measuring instruments for the measurement of gauge, absolute and differential pressure. These are available in the measuring ranges 0 ... 0.6 mbar to 0 ... 15,000 bar.

WIKA Pressure Gauges
WIKA Pressure Gauges

WIKA pressure gauges for gauge, absolute and differential pressure have been proven millions of times over. For the optimal solution for the widest range of applications, there is a choice of measuring systems in Bourdon tube, diaphragm element and capsule element technologies. WIKA pressure gauges cover scale ranges from 0 ... 0.2" H2O to 0 ... 85,000 psi and indication accuracies of up to 0.1 %. For the various requirements in industrial and process instrumentation there are pressure elements from copper alloys, stainless steel or special materials available.

WIKA Pressure Sensors
Pressure Sensors

A pressure sensor (pressure transmitter) converts the physical quantity 'pressure' into an industry-standard signal. The WIKA portfolio covers a wide spectrum of pressure sensors: for refrigeration and air-conditioning applications, the food industry, mobile working machines, medical gases and the semiconductor industry. WIKA can also build custom sensors to meet your specific needs. Our pressure sensors offer accuracies starting from 0.05%, measuring ranges from 20inWc ... 200,000 psi, digital interfaces such as CANopen and IO-Link, multiple international approvals, hazardous areas.

WIKA Valves and Protective Devices
Valves & Protective Devices

WIKA Shut-off valves, valve manifolds or monoflanges, can be used to securely separate pressure measuring instruments from the process during commissioning, maintenance or calibration. Protective devices, such as syphons, overpressure protectors and snubbers, increase the service life and extend the application spectrum of pressure measuring instruments. Alongside the extensive selection of instrumentation valves and accessories, WIKA also offers qualified assembly of different individual components into a complete measuring unit.

WIKA Pressure Accessories
Pressure Accessories

WIKA offers a full line of Pressure and Mounting Accessories. Adapters are used for the installation of pressure measuring instruments shut-off valves, syphons, snubbers and other accessory components. Protective rubber boots protect the pressure gauge from shocks, impacts, corrosion and environmental effects. Instrument mounting brackets serve for the wall or pipe mounting of pressure measuring instruments.