MIL Connector Terminal with Transistor

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  • Product Type: Terminal
  • Manufacturers: Omron
  • Product Family: DRT2 Series
  • Input Current: 6.0 mA max per point at 24 VDC
  • Internal I/O common: NPN
  • No. of I/O points: 32 points
Omron Electronics, DRT2 Series, , MIL Connector Terminal with Transistor, 32-point input, NPN (+ common), 6.0 mA max per point at 24 VDC, DIN 35 mm-track mounting
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MIL Connector Terminals with Transistors
DRT2-☐D32ML(-1)/ ☐D16ML(-1)

Very Compact 16-/32-point Remote Terminals
  • Used in combination with Interface Conversion Boards (e.g., D-Sub) to connect to a wide range of interfaces.
  • 35 x 60 x 80 mm (W x D x H)