Frequently Asked Questions For Contrinex Sensors

Contrinex 5/10/2018
Contrinex FAQ Sensors
Q:  What makes the Contrinex C-12 series better than others on the market?

A:  The Contrinex C-12 family of sensors are compact in size, but offer more than twice the detection and performance capability of similar offerings that are currently sold in the market.
Q:  What is "background suppression" and why use it?

A:  Background Suppression (or BGS) uses position-detecting triangulation to determine the location of a targeted object and ignores all other emitted light "reflections" from other objects.  This technology feature is particularly useful in confined space applications.

Q:  How small can the target object be?

A:  The Contrinex sub-minature sensors can detect wires as thin as 0.1 mm using the short or medium range devices and can detect objects in the 50mm range when the long-range detection device is used.
The sensor's LED light source maintains detection accuracy while also providing a safer work environment than applications that use laser technology.